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  1. The Helm of Sorrow
    by Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou
  2. Geister
    by Paysage d'Hiver
  3. The Thule Grimoires
    by The Ruins Of Beverast
  4. As The Flame Withers
    by YOTH IRIA
  5. Alluring the distant eye
    by Sadness
  6. I want to be there
    by Sadness
    I want to be with you I want to be with you
    Every album by Sadness is perfect 🖤 💔 🖤
  7. Atna
    by Sadness
  8. holding
    by Sadness
    holding... holding...
    Definitely one of the best DSBM bands out, this album is perfect in every way 🖤
  9. Melinoë
    by Akhlys
  10. No Dawn For Men
    by Feminazgul
  11. Conduit
    by Proscription
  12. Vigor Reconstruct: A Benefit For The Soroka Family
    by Soroka Family Benefit
  13. The Suns of Perdition - Chapter II: Render Unto Eden
    by Panzerfaust
  14. Floors Of Heaven
    by ULTHA
  15. Mortal
    by Necrot
  16. Entity
    by 0
  17. Orphan
    by Plague Organ
  18. Im Wald
    by Paysage d'Hiver
    Weiter, immer weiter Weiter, immer weiter
    Masterpiece 10/10. This is quintessential Atmospheric Black Metal. It actually feels as if this entire album was recorded in some cave in the middle of a blizzard
  19. Only Ashes Remain (Death Metal)
    by SEPULCHRAL CURSE (Finland)
  20. Devouring Ruin
    by WAKE