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Damien Perry

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  1. North American Adonis
    by Buck 65, doseone, Jel
  2. War
    by Deca
  3. I get to drive it
    by Wordburglar
    Why do his villain themes hit so hard? I think it’s because he’s actually Cobra Commander. That must be why he wears a burglar mask
  4. Golden Crab
    by Swamp Thing x Danny Miles
  5. Integrated Tech Solutions
    by Aesop Rock
  6. Skelethon (Instrumental Version)
    by Aesop Rock
  7. Down the Road
    by Ugly Duckling
    Journey To Anywhere Journey To Anywhere
    I’ve been looking for the original version of this song for 20 years. I had a 96kbps version and I replaced it shortly thereafter with a higher bit rate version. I was so disappointed when I found out that the version I fell in love with was different from the album version. I gave up looking for it probably 10 years ago. I’m so glad to have it again, and it’s better than 96kbps!
  8. 3rdburglar (2012)
    by Wordburglar
  9. Vigilante Genesis EP (prod. Aesop Rock) Deluxe Digital Version
    I hate audiobooks, but this is on a whole different level. A modern crime novel in the style of hip hop. Yes, please
  10. Source Material
    by Deca
  11. Smoking Gun
    by Deca
  12. The Way Through
    by Deca
  13. Snakes and Birds
    by Deca
  14. Flux
    by Deca
  15. The Donner Party
    by Deca x Neon Brown
    You NEED to listen to this album with headphones on. The layers and textures are thick like a 15 layer cake with multiple flavors
  16. Garbology (Insturmentals)
    by Aesop Rock x Blockhead
  17. Klutz
    by Aesop Rock
  18. To What End
    by Oddisee
  19. Spirit World Field Guide (Instrumentals)
    by Aesop Rock
  20. Spirit World Field Guide
    by Aesop Rock