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  1. Himalaya
    by Summer Fiction
  2. Matilda Effect
    by The Corner Laughers
    Fairytale Tourist Fairytale Tourist
    The Corner Laughers never fail to disappoint. There are no dud tracks on this album. Catchy pop + clever lyrics = very satisfied me.
  3. Snow Covered
    by The Very Most
  4. Alien Girl
    by The Very Most
  5. Ununiversalizable Us
    by The Very Most
  6. Patricia
    by The Very Most
  7. Slack Tide
    by Jenny Owen Youngs
  8. Just a Pup
    by The Very Most
  9. Things Too Obvious To Sing
    by The Very Most
  10. Love U 2
    by GHOSTY
  11. GHOSTY
    by GHOSTY
  12. Innocent Blues
    by Spirit Kid
  13. Wanderlust (Single)
    by The Camerawalls
  14. Love Electric
    by Lovewhip
  15. Slowdim
    by Slowdim
  16. I'm His Girl
    by Friends
  17. Alabama Shakes EP
    by Alabama Shakes
  18. Still So New
    by Ariel Abshire
  19. Secret Thinking
    by Kleenex Girl Wonder
  20. 12 Days of Christmas
    by Sloan