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Daniel Amaral

  1. Chino, California
  2. Metal
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  1. Intuition
    by Decipher
    The Alchemist The Alchemist
  2. Undestroyed
    by Free Salamander Exhibit
    Undestroyed Undestroyed
  3. The Ordeal
    by Painted In Exile
    House Of Cards House Of Cards
  4. Umbilical Dystrophy / Air Missile Defense Battle Lab
    by A Million Dead Birds Laughing
    Umbilical Dystrophy Umbilical Dystrophy
  5. Days Without Names
    by Vials of Wrath
    A Cleansing Prayer A Cleansing Prayer
  6. The Great Bazaar
    by Subterranean Masquerade
    Early Morning Mantra Early Morning Mantra
    Avant-garde Metal at its finest. With splashes of jazz, pieces of folk, and doses of metal, this album has so much more to offer to the musical world. The guitar work is technical with fluidity, the keyboards are beautiful and delicate, the bass moves with great tonality, the drums resonate quite well, and all the rest of the instruments fit in brilliantly within each composition. Great purchase!
  7. In The Hollow Hills
    by Bucketheadland
    In The Hollow Hills In The Hollow Hills
    Buckethead never ceases to amaze me when he creates works like this album. The guitar work is excellent and beautiful. The kind of riffs he can compose even after years of playing still continues to astound me to this day. If you are looking for some kind of tame instrumental rock with raw intensity and emotional draw then look no further. Excellent purchase!
  8. Footsteps
    by Bucketheadland
    It's rare to find a song nearly thirty minutes long that keeps you invested and interested throughout. However, I'm not surprised that Buckethead has this unique skill. The sonic textures he creates both with his arsenal of guitar pedals and with his sense of songwriting is unbelievable. This takes you to a place that is realistic. It's dark without being "evil sounding" and yet it broods a sense of hope simultaneously. Support Buckethead and download this today!
  9. Atlas
    by Plini
    Alright, what else can be said about Plini that we all don't already know? Excellent tonality and musicianship, great composition skills to keep you interested, and a passion for what he loves to do, which is to entertain us with his guitar solo skills, fun songs, and his pizzaz in his compositions. Fun and awesome purchase!
  10. Sweet Nothings
    by Plini
    Away Away
    Amazing piece of work by Plini! This EP has such a great sense of playfulness, melody, and technicality that is nearly unrivaled. The solos are exceptional, the compositions take you places, each song has its own identity, and lastly, this EP is so vibrant, both in composition and in emotion. Don't wait any longer, support Plini and buy this today!
  11. Bloom
    by A Million Dead Birds Laughing
    Praxis Praxis
    If you are looking for some Deathgrind with great creativity and melody, then the search is over. The new vocalist is a great addition to this band's sound, with a range and depth that can rival the vocalist for Fallujah. The guitar work is technical, beautiful, and interesting. The bass helps the compositions pop more, especially on the clean sections this band chooses to infuse in most of their songs, and the drums are crisp, clean, and crushing. Very underrated band. Great purchase!