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  1. Prom Night (2023)
    by Second∞Sight
  2. Monsters
    by The Midnight
  3. Horror Show
    by The Midnight
  4. Heroes
    by The Midnight
  5. All The Damn Vampires & Yota EP
    by All The Damn Vampires
  6. 人生の瞬間
    by Second∞Sight
  7. Resurfacing
    by Synthetic Epiphany
  8. See You When I Do
    by Shoji正治
  9. Synth City
    by All the Damn Vampires
  10. ビジョンログ: F O U N T A I N
    by P A T H S パス
  11. I Can't Go
    by All The Damn Vampires, Sunglasses Kid, Mint Simon
  12. Lovers Lake
    by Lovers Lake
  14. Lucid Dreams
    by Yota
  15. it's very hard for me, but i'm learning
    by forbidden cremme
  16. sulayman's quest for eternal knowledge
    by haircuts for men
  17. Bend & Break (feat. Ollie Wride)
    by FM-84
  18. HFM88
    by haircuts for men
  19. Little Saint James
    by haircuts for men
  20. dreaming m e g a compilation
    by haircuts for men