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  1. Deceiver EP
    by Awaking Athena
  2. Soul of the Machine II
    by Weekly Words and Grammar
  3. Ouroboros
    by Beyond Flesh
  4. Nasty Plot
    by Hidden Machine
  5. Soul Devourer (Instrumental)
    by Detestor
  6. S I N T R O P H I A
    by Dethrone The Corrupted
  7. Infinite Fields
    by Irreversible Mechanism
  8. Ancient Rain (Single)
    by FROGG
    by Scorched By The Flaming Goat
  10. Binary Disposition
    by Proteus
  11. Atonement EP
    by Avenge The Sin
  12. My Shrine Of Flesh
    by Darker By Design
  13. Coffin Notice
    by The Hopewell Furnace
  14. 1877
    by The Hopewell Furnace
  15. The Nothing
    by The Hopewell Furnace
  16. Blood Countess
    by The Hopewell Furnace
  17. The Horror
    by The Hopewell Furnace
  18. Entry: Dispersal
    by Sleepsculptor
  19. Flood Gates
    by Owed To Damnation
  20. Autocracy Dismantled
    by Dethrone The Sovereign
  21. Virulence
    by Iconoclast
  22. False Gods
    by XURL
  23. Cruciform
    by The Dark Alamorté
  24. Truth In Perception
    by Aronious
  25. The Painter
    by Vicar Amelia
  26. The Scholar Tempest (feat. CJ McCreery)
    by Recoil In Horror
  27. Soul Devourer (feat. CJ McCreery of Lorna Shore)
    by Detestor
  28. Feed (Feat. Lucas Mann from Rings of Saturn)
    by Krosis
  29. A Hymn To Madness
    by Dethrone The Corrupted
  30. Sadisticated Defilement
    by Exorcised Gods
  31. Darkwork
    by Dethrone The Corrupted
  32. Wretched Existence
    by Before The Harvest
  33. Chaos
    by We Are Obscurity
  34. Sewer Alligator
    by Omni Express
  35. Adventures
    by DAYUM
  36. Chosen
    by Kythera
  37. All Flesh is Grass
    by Godeater
  38. H O L Y W R A T H
    by Dav Dralleon
  39. Unlimited
    by Hidden Machine

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  1. All Flesh is Grass
    by Godeater