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Daniel Daniel

  1. Dallas, Texas
  2. Electronic
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  1. Space Metalizer
    by Merzbow
  2. Topshelf Records 2021-2022 Sampler
    by Various Artists
  3. 1080 (opinions aside, we do what we want)
    by OTHERM
  4. The Expanding Universe
    by Laurie Spiegel
  5. Memory Lame
  6. Scene
    by Merzbow
  7. Aqua Necromancer (Expanded)
    by MERZBOW
  8. Tauromachine (Remastered)
    by Merzbow
  9. The Triumph of Spring
    by Borg
  10. Ugglor i Mossen
    by Borg
  11. Woodland
    by Borg
  12. Medieval Dreams
    by Borg
    The atmospheric quality to this one really brings the sound to another level. I always appreciate Borg's whimsical side juxtaposed in the rest of the palette of emotions on display. Lovely!
  13. The Sacred Mound
    by Borg
  14. ロ​ス​ト​エ​デ​ン​へ​の​パ​ス
    by Nmesh and t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者
  15. Dawn
    by Ulaan Passerine
  16. Alescere (DATA113)
    by 2xAA
    Plant Graffiti Plant Graffiti
    This sounds so good. I cannot believe the audio fidelity of this GBA music, and the tunes slap.
  17. Drift Of Summer
    by Ohio
    It's like my mind, a buzzing mote of dust, was caught in a sunbeam and stood still
  18. High on Life Original Soundtrack Vol 1
    by TOBACCO
  19. Entomongaku
    by Chypho
    To my ears, this album pleasantly mashes up Melodies From Mars, a touch Steven R. Smith psychedelia, Yasuaki Shimizu, and N64 videogame musical sensibility. What an interesting space to exist in!
  20. Chant (2)
    by Merzbow
    Chant (2) is a crucial example of Merzbow's 80s loop/noise sound, which stands between his early 80s' free rock/musique concrete/drum machine sounds and late 80s' industrial style. A hypnotic, visceral piece that's both intense and meditative.