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  1. Arboreal Swamp
    by Keygard
  2. Exile
    by Kull
  3. Fjällets Gyllene Slott
    by Örnatorpet
  4. Ardormort
    by Ardormort
  5. Of Tuor, Idril and their Departure from Gondolin
    by Anglachel
  6. κῆρες μέλανος θανάτοιο
    by Antecantamentum
  7. What Light Covers Not
    by downcross
  8. runescape​.​wav2戰利品的戰爭
    by runescape斯凱利
  9. Moonlight's Wrath
    by Vrörsaath
  10. The Void that Exists
    by Superterrestrial
  11. Gateway to a Forest Forgotten
    by Woodland Crypt
  12. To Exist | To Breathe
    by Voidsphere
  13. Æstivation
    by Cult of Erinyes
  14. Retrospectiva de la fatalidad
    by Velo Misere
  15. Undir skyggðarhaldi
    by Andavald
  16. Askvinter
    by Jotun
  17. A cat-shaped hole in my heart (pay-what-you-wish) (1999)
    by Various Artists
  18. Discernment
  19. Final Fantasy VII: Selected Works
    by Gregorio Franco
  20. Andvana
    by Andvaka
  21. Tyrant Blood
    by Ancient Flame
  22. Future King
    by Mari Lwyd
  23. Age of Darkness and Frost
    by Moon And Azure Shadow
  24. Chambers (Rehearsal Recordings 31/10/19)
    by Zetra
  25. Sword of Gondar
    by GONDAR
  26. Albanach ar Dheis / Nihtwintre Split
    by Albanach ar Dheis
  27. Flutes of the Dungeon (Book 1)
    by Kenosis
  28. Tales Of An Ancient World
    by Arcana Liturgia
  29. Lord of Time / Sarsen
    by Arcana Liturgia & Båvingr
  30. Welcome To Raven Hill
    by Arcana Liturgia
  31. Wretched Doom Above
    by Spells Of Misery
  32. Ruinernes Forbandelse
    by Henbane
    by NMLSS_VGR
  34. Astro's Bizarre Discoteque
    by Astrophysics
  35. Search of True Ascendance
    by Paths Of The Eternal
  36. Elemental
    by Trova de Lid
  37. Abandon
    by Leegte
  38. Demo
    by Leegte
  39. 011000110110111101110011011011010110111101110011
    by NMLSS_VGR
  40. Dark Requiem of Twilight
    by Moonthoth
  41. Ordo Noctum
    by Moonthoth
  42. Touristic Black Metal
    by Eisflammen
  43. Alt Dette Har Skjedd Før, Alt Dette Vil Skje Igjen
    by Gråt Strigoi
  44. Corporeality
    by CATHARI
  45. Caress of the Dark Moon
    by Abamath