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  1. Open Day At The Hate Fest
    by Curve
  2. Silents
    by Paul Mercer
  3. Evocations of The Moon: piano spells in lunar frequencies to align, soothe, and restore
  4. Stay... It's Eventide
    by Precal Dropouts
  5. You Think It's Like This... But Really It's Like This (20th Anniversary Reissue)
    by Mirah
  6. Places in Between
    by the Machine in the Garden
  7. Iris
    by Fentress
  8. Stone Speak
    by Apocryphos
  9. All Tomorrows
    by Anita Ramona
  10. Dark Ambient of 2015
    by Cryo Chamber
  11. Dark Ambient of 2017
    by Cryo Chamber
  12. Dark Ambient of 2018
    by Cryo Chamber
  13. Dark Ambient of 2019
    by Cryo Chamber
  14. Anthropocene
    by Dead Melodies & Zenjungle
  15. Dark Ambient of 2016
    by Cryo Chamber
  16. Dancing With Myself
    by Henry Derek Elis
  17. Tamlin
    by FAUN
  18. Seclusion 22 / Whispers Behind the Glass
    Whispers Behind the Glass Whispers Behind the Glass
  19. Tomb of Empires
    by Foundation Hope / Council of Nine / Alphaxone / Coph`antae Tryr
  20. The extra songs
    by Arcana