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  1. In The Dead, Dead Wood
    by Vennart
  2. Blue EP
    by Laundromat
  3. Green EP
    by Laundromat
  4. this taco is not correct
    by christian fitness
  5. granny killaz (ian brown cover)
    by christian fitness
  6. Bali
    by Henry Homesweet
  7. A Burial At Sea
  8. Nuality
    by The VV Experience
  9. I Fuck Therefore I Am
    by Earth Mother Fucker
  10. Siren
    by Sealionwoman
  11. Barbecue Chef
    by Barbecue Chef
    It's annoyingly catchy, the melody will just replay in your mind every so often. I bought this track so I could put it on a circuit board in my bbq to blare it at guests every time I go to serve food.
  12. Ditzy Scene (Single)
    by Cardiacs
    Ditzy Scene Ditzy Scene
    The best band in the world release another completely perfect track. All hail Tim Smith!
  13. The Barn
    by IDYLLS
  14. Mothers Of Beef And The Magic Of Invention
    by Slabdragger
  15. I felt like I was falling, but I was just asleep
    by The Jorneta Stream
  16. Monmouth's Twelve
    by Fishclaw
    Mole County Mole County
    A perfect blend of folk, post-rock and electronic elements, Fishclaw have really pulled it out of the bag with Monmouth's Twelve. I still maintain that Mole County is the track of the record but the whole thing is incredible.
  17. Colchester Live, Volume I
    by Paper Champion
  18. FLIVID (2020)
    by RAD PITT
    Mr Preparation Mr Preparation
    Waited a while for this record - some of the tracks from this LP have been live favourites for well over a year. Weighing in at just 16 minutes this is probably the shortest record I've picked up in many years but the quality more than makes up for the quantity.
  19. Copy Haho
    by Copy Haho
  20. You Are My Coal Mine
    by Copy Haho