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  1. O Solitude
    by Accademia Bizantina & Andreas Scholl
  2. Giovanni Valentini: Secondo libro de madrigali
    by ACRONYM & Les Canards Chantants
  3. Johann Heinrich Schmelzer: Le Memorie Dolorose
    by TENET Vocal Artists, ACRONYM
  4. Johann Rosenmüller in Exile
    by ACRONYM & Jesse Blumberg
  5. Oddities and Trifles: The Very Peculiar Instrumental Music of Giovanni Valentini
    by ACRONYM
  6. Paradise: Instrumental Sonatas of Antonio Bertali
    by ACRONYM
  7. Wunderkammer
    by ACRONYM
  8. 0AM (feat. nayuta)
    by Aiobahn
  9. 夏の真夜中 (feat. アンテナガール)
    by Aiobahn
  10. 過ぎゆく日と君へ (feat. nayuta)
    by Aiobahn
  11. Paladin
    by Alex McCartney
    by Alexandra Stréliski
  13. Platti Flute Sonatas Op. 3
    by Alexa Raine-Wright
  14. Bjergtagen
    by Almune
  15. Demo 2016
    by Almune
  16. Sommerfugl
    by Almune & Götterfunken
  17. There Will Be No Intermission
    by Amanda Palmer
    A Mother's Confession A Mother's Confession
    Such a dark album to find so much hope in.
  18. Aguas revisitadas
    by Amaury Pérez
  19. Amaury Pérez canta a la Navidad
    by Amaury Pérez
  20. Martí en Amaury
    by Amaury Pérez