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  1. Tulsa, Oklahoma
  2. Electronic
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  1. AGRO - Psycho Delic Acid - Epsilon Records#4
    by Agro
    by Akira & Drokz
  3. Rendered Fat EP
    by Somniac One
  4. Ebbs & Flows LP (PRSPCTLP019)
    by Dolphin
  5. RUFFA 002
    by Ruffneck as Knightvision
  6. Bag Of Dicks EP (PRSPCTXTRM053)
    by Detest & Tripped
  7. Can't Describe It (Finally) / Can't Fuck With Me (PRSPCTXTRM050)
    by The DJ Producer
  8. Stories from the 9th Dimension (Genosha #029)
    by The Outside Agency
  9. This Breaks My Fucking Heart EP (PRSPCTXTRM052)
    by Adamant Scream
  10. Gangzta Cash EP (PRSPCTXTRM048)
    by The Satan
  11. Safety Bangers For The New Generation (PRSPCTXTRM049)
    by Somniac One
  12. SSSPCR 003 (PRSPCTSPCR003)
    by [KRTM], The Panacea & Ansome
  13. The Opposites / More Primitive (One Seven Five #017)
    by The Outside Agency
  14. Cunts Rule Everything Around Me (PRSPCTXTRM051)
    by Dolphin
  15. Dead Things EP (PRSPCTXTRM047)
    by Meander
  16. Drum Coefficient EP (Genosha #028)
    by Deathmachine
  17. The Nightmare Connector (PRSPCTLP017)
    by DJ Hidden
  18. SSSPCR 002 (PRSPCTSPCR002)
    by [KRTM] / Tim Tama
  19. Reflections In Reverse EP
    by Adamant Scream
  20. Body Slam Musik EP (PRSPCTXTRM045)
    by Akira & Bryan Fury