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  1. let the sun talk
    by MAVI
  3. 무너지기 (Crumbling)
    by 공중도둑 (Mid-Air Thief)
  4. 무너지기 (Crumbling)
    by 공중도둑 (Mid-Air Thief)
  5. 무너지기 (Crumbling)
    by 공중도둑 (Mid-Air Thief)
  6. Spending Eternity In A Japanese Convenience Store
    by forests
  7. Japanese Disco Edits
    by Yung Bae
  8. Split 7'' w/ Graduating Life
    by Mom Jeans, Graduating Life
  9. Lovestory
    by Desired
  10. S/T
    by GEE TEE
  11. Bae
    by YUNG BAE
  12. Songs of Praise
    by shame
  13. Jersey Devil
    by Ducktails
  14. Subordination
    by Institute
  15. Street Fighter II The Definitive Soundtrack
    by Yoko Shimomura, Isao Abe, Syun Nishigaki
  16. Hyper Light Drifter
    by Disasterpeace
  17. Driving to Hawaii
    by Summer Salt
  18. Driving to Hawaii
    by Summer Salt
  19. The Rotten Mangos EP
    by The Rotten Mangos
  20. BAE 2
    by YUNG BAE
    The Bae is Back
  21. To-Go
    by Comforter
  22. Palm Haze
    by Miami Vice
  23. LATE NIGHT DELIGHT [Remastered]
  24. Going Native
    by Summer Salt