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  1. SPINN-002
    by spinneret
    Staring Directly Into a Lunar Eclipse Staring Directly Into a Lunar Eclipse
    Stars and strange flowers litter the forest floor... whatever you do, don't look back <3
    15 tracks ranging from soft and contemplative to frenzied and fierce, each immersed within the Spinneret idiom—evoking a playful, sometimes dark mystery. For deep listening. Thumbs up :)
  2. ffsample pack
    by alptrack
  3. Free Trax Vol. 1
    by sepha
  4. 22
    by yam lynn
    demoti demoti
  5. no more tears
    by secat
    no more tears no more tears
    secat presents a plethora of possibilities, taking texture for harmony and rhythm for melody as they float percussion and tone far above the grid... but taking care not to neglect it. Functional or non-functional? For me, secat blows open this dichotomy, in every meaning and configuration. Why shouldn't the rave be a strange dream, after all?
    For listening outdoors on cool misty mornings.
  6. Bizzaroland
    by Zvrra
  7. UNDERTALE Soundtrack
    by toby fox
  8. The Redeemer
    by Tank Jr.
    The Redeemer The Redeemer
    Are you scared? Remember what I taught you about using the fire extinguisher. If it gets to be too bad, get under the smoke and crawl to your escape, or stay in a safe place and wait for help.
    Best listened to driving down the remnants of a highway.
  9. Gearnus City
    by Tank Jr.
  10. hack the planet
    by datafruits
  11. i just wanna see you smile (edit pack)
    by BAE BAE
  12. The Anthology
    by DJ Man Slaughter
  13. Birds of Paradise
    by SSA
  14. Banjee Report - pNp (prod. Skyshaker)
    by Skyshaker
  15. Lloyd SB - Boida Flare EP
    by Nervous Horizon
    Lloyd SB - Hypercube Lloyd SB - Hypercube
  16. Changeling
    by Bored Lord
    by NAASHA
  18. the long 80s
    by regresssion
  19. Child's Play
    by Violet, Photonz, Echevarian
  20. Lavender
    by sepha
    A Song for Luna A Song for Luna