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  1. A Dark Shining Light
    by Sinister Downfall
    Wraps you in it's dark and cold capsule. My mind is at it's favorite place, this is why I love funeral doom more than any genre!
  2. The Void and the Unbearable Loss
    by Invernoir
    House of Debris House of Debris
    This album made my best of 2020, & for a damn good reason!
  3. Degragore - From Sin To Redemption
    by Degragore
  4. Morbid Majesties (Death Metal)
    by SADISTIK FOREST (Finland)
    Many thanks to my friend Kunal for the download codes to finally pick this one up!
  5. Siege (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
    by THE SLOW DEATH (Australia)
  6. SAT328: Adarrak - Ex Oriente Lux (2021)
    by Satanath Records
    Dan Swano did a masterful job on this album! This has been high on my wishlist since I first heard it, kick ass death metal!
  7. Abrasive - Devotion (Hymns to Subcutaneous Human Pleasure)
    by Abrasive
  8. Sektor - Allegory
    by Sektor
  9. Perennial (EP)
    by Sojourner
    Thanks to bcb723 for the gift!! Sojourner is the absolute best at what they do!
  10. CULTUS FUNERIS - "Revertere ad Locum Tuum"
    by Nekrolust Records
  11. SIMBOLOS OCULTOS - "Siglos Antiguos"
    by Nekrolust Records
  12. Opium
    by Descend into Despair
    Strange, dark, and breath taking funeral doom. Opium is a perfect album to sleep to, I love the haunting melodies and feelings this puts me through.
  13. Vofa
    by Vofa
  14. Auscultating Astral Monuments
    by Sxuperion
  15. Hädanfärd
    by Night Crowned
    One only needs to listen for a few seconds to appreciate the monster this album is assured to be!
  16. In The Epic Ov A Funeral Sunset
    by Funeral Void
  17. Pleurs
    by Présages
    Thanks to my long time friend YomaBarr, I've had this downloaded before it was NYP. This is one incredible debut, absolutely vicious!
  18. Where The Soul Goes
    by Fragments of Lost Memories
  19. Ascension
    by Ghostheart Nebula
    Finally, here comes a full length from one of the best in funeral death-doom, and from the sounds of track 5, I'm in for something truly uncomparabe.
  20. Ghosts of Light
    by Autumnfall
    I craved to get this album since I saw a random Google article about it and gave a listen. This is AOTY material and no one can tell me otherwise!