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  1. Paradise Planet
    by Devin Haas
  2. Can You Draw Me?
    by Demonic Sweaters
  3. As the Sun Rises
    by Manasota
  4. Hell Gardens (CRUNCH133)
    by DACID
  5. YABAI (CRUNCH 165)
    by DACID
  6. Bimini Road
    by Manasota
  7. Two Can Play At That Game
    by Sister Screamer
  8. Calm Before the Storm
    by Donut Time Girls
  9. Anthill Recordings Vol. 2
    by Various Artists
  10. The Machete Demos
    by Justin Gracer
    Go Tell It On The Mountain* Go Tell It On The Mountain*
    pushes an edge that is in constant motion, friendship personified, Notes join uniquely in varied math rock ways that delight even jaded Headbangers. If you need your expectations in metal threshed; Machete has the pacing to level jungles with forest fire acumen and the lyricism to inspire new galaxies. Jimi Hendrix is bummed he missed this, don't you be. Highly recommend this gem.
  11. hello / differ
    by hums
  12. In Quiet Contempt
    by Justin Gracer
    Moonlighting an Orchid Moonlighting an Orchid
    Jazz isn't just instruments played wildly. Jazz is something instruments enact upon their player wildly. The swing and blue notes, call and response vocals, polyrhythms and improvisation fit exactly this sense of motion. In Quiet Contempt progressively shares the soft bend of a solo sax note to energetic children playing in the park. This is newness, with classic taste. Subtle people takes us back to jazz jazz. Not the girl from ipanema anymore, this sister is woke!
  13. In Quiet Contempt
    by Justin Gracer
  14. Insider
    by Soft Kill
  15. Disaffection Finds Its Pure Form
    by Max Kutner
    II II
    concept piece well executed. takes a certain type of artist to pull this off...and pull it off Max does. Thanks for the balls this required. cin
  16. Kitschloop
    by Thorny
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  17. Tracers, Trails & Other Tales
    by Dasid
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  18. Heresy
    by Soft Kill
  19. color mechanica
    by Note!
  20. Affect Chain
    by Pleasures
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