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  1. Into the Vault
    by Vault Kid
    Horizon Horizon
    Great album by a great artist!
    Keep rocking man!
  2. Electronic Tonalities for Like-Minded Aliens
    by Silicon Psychosis
    Sound Is Holographic Sound Is Holographic
    The backstory makes this whole album even more exciting!
  3. Bicycle Ride
    by Shook
    The whole mood of this album is perfect. Music and artwork give it a complete and coherent feel that comforts my soul. Can't wait for the vinyl to arrive <3
  4. Shirobon Presents: Chiptune for Serum
    by Shirobon
    DEMO 2 (Melodic) DEMO 2 (Melodic)
    Just like the real deal! Gotta love these samples!
  5. 22:22
    by Shirobon
    Running My Head ft Camden Cox Running My Head ft Camden Cox
    Catchy as always!
  6. Distant Reality
    by Shirobon
    Cyber Party ft Radix Cyber Party ft Radix
    Let's get the Cyber Party started!
  7. Regain Control - The Remixes
    by Shirobon
    Regain Control (Dougal & Gammer Remix) Regain Control (Dougal & Gammer Remix)
    So many diverse yet constantly great remixes!
  8. Dimensions
    by Shirobon
    Fox Fox
    Pure energy. Goes well in every Chiptune set!
  9. Out Of Love
    by Shirobon
    Perfectly written. Shirobon has yet to disappoint
  10. Golden Apples [Remastered]
    by Shirobon
    Golden Apples Golden Apples
    Yummy, just my type of fruit
  11. Reject
    by Shirobon
    Nostalgia Nostalgia
    One thing is for sure. Despite the title, this album will surely not be Rejected!
  12. The Arcade Dream
    by Shirobon
    Ralf's Touch Ralf's Touch
    Overall amazing album and damn that cover art always drags me into its magic
  13. Shirobon Presents: Chiptune for Serum 2: FM Edition
    by Shirobon
    Great sounds!
  14. Connected
    by Shirobon
    Summer Crush Summer Crush
    The classic sound!
  15. Back Tracking
    by Shirobon
    Super Human Super Human
    One of your most iconic albums imo, that I'm honored to have the vinyl for!
    Also "Super Human" kills it at the Chiptune parties!
  16. Anamanaguchi - Pop It (Shirobon Remix)
    by Shirobon
    The remix couldn't get any better :P
  17. Infinity
    by Shirobon
    Reflections Reflections
    The constant high quality and amazingness of these tunes baffles me. However no matter how great the energetic tunes are, Reflections takes it away for me. What a way to end the album!
  18. Pleasure Island (The Remixes)
    by Shirobon
    Take Me To Pleasure Island (Grimecraft Remix) Take Me To Pleasure Island (Grimecraft Remix)
    More versions of these awesome tunes? Sign me up for it!
  19. Pleasure Island
    by Shirobon
    Take Me To Pleasure Island Take Me To Pleasure Island
    The title says it all. Pure pleasure
  20. The Chase: Last Run
    by Tokyo Rose
    Tokyo Burnout Tokyo Burnout
    Nostalgia at its best.
    What an album.
    You got me with the fact that there is a vinyl for it <3
    Muxh love!