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  1. Back Tracking
    by Shirobon
    Born Survivor Born Survivor
    This is the ultimate Chiptune EP.
    I love literally every one of your songs and this is probably my favorite album of all. This might actually also be because I found you with "I Need You" back in the days. Now I finally decided to take the step and get myself the vinyl. After Chipzel's Hexagon EP and a record by Dubmood in the shape of a floppy disk, this now is my 3rd Chiptune vinyl and I'm already excited for when I can first hit play with it on.
    Great work!
  2. Dark Distortion EP
    by Loudar
    Dark Distortion EP (CyberPixl Album Mix) Dark Distortion EP (CyberPixl Album Mix)
  3. Counterbalance
    by Malmen
    Heartbleed Heartbleed
    Diving even deeper into the Fakebit World you created, this album explores even more experimental and melodicly interesting areas of Chiptune music. I just love it !
  4. Fakebit World
    by Malmen
    Shy Around You Shy Around You
    Buddy you did it !
    This album is one of its kind ! One style - so many vibes.

    No matter if it's the slower deeper vibe like in "Overlord", the slightly sad, melancholic, but yet hopeful sounds of "Shy Around You" or "Imaginary Girl", or the straight upbeat dancing feel of tunes like "Polarity Shift" and not to forget the groundbreaking "Fakebit Love".

    This album simply is something to brighten up your day and make the sun shine even at a rainy day. I guess I fell in love, in Fakebit Love ;)
  5. Super Epic Album Collection Pack 2! (59 songs)
    by F-777
    SYSTEM FIX - Uplifted SYSTEM FIX - Uplifted
    And your second Super Album Collection dropped and, it once again is a masterpiece. You man are the king of variety and that also is what makes this collection so enjoyable to listen to, it will NEVER ever get boring.
    Keep on rocking, man with the three 7s ;D
  6. Super Epic Collection Pack 3! (6 albums, 54 songs!)
    by F-777
    Mountain Flowers - 2015 Version (Raptor) Mountain Flowers - 2015 Version (Raptor)
    Oh F-777 , you did it again. A stunning collection with a vast variety of different styles and sounds reaching from chippy game tracks over the 7 Seas of basses and Wild Western rythms up to your Top Secret Dance Parties with hard stepping Raptors ;P

    But all puns aside, you once again created something amazing mate, keep it up !
  7. Okiba Crackdown
    by Bossfight
    Punchy, chiptuny, steppy and swingy. This tune combines so many styles, it's simply great !
  8. Keep Fighting
    by Vexento
    A great song for a great cause.
    Keep rockin' Vex. Making the world a better place one step at a time.