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  1. Trajectories
    by Michael Vincent Waller
  2. Jeremy
    by G.S. Sultan
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  3. HausLive 1: Sunwatchers at Cafe Mustache 4/13/2019
    by Sunwatchers
  4. Monitress
    by Wobbly
  5. River Without Banks
    by Leo Svirsky
  6. the end of all seasons.
    by qualchan.
    by RXM Reality
  8. AXIS
    by Bonnie Baxter
  9. Crashes In Love (Original Version)
    by William Onyeabor
    Something You'll Never Forget Something You'll Never Forget
    Onyeabor's debut, & he comes out swinging. Maybe his most "traditional" sounding album? Really solid funk, blessed with a strong sense of groove. This LP establishes the blueprint musically & lyrically for everything that came later. It's a winning formula.
  10. Atomic Bomb
    by William Onyeabor
    Atomic Bomb Atomic Bomb
    An easy pick for his best. The title track is the standout & has a bit of a soulful, funky feel. Onyeabor's soul bleeds through on every record he ever cut. And then the funk continues. Onyeabor's lyrics are simple & contain a certain purity. The world is blessed to have his music.
  11. Tomorrow
    by William Onyeabor
    Fantastic Man Fantastic Man
    The title track & others stand toe-to-toe with everything from the easy favorite LP "Atomic Bomb". Some other of Onyeabor's tracks have a bit of an "outsider" feeling to me, but then he detonates my cranium into chunks with an utterly monster jam like Side B's "Fantastic Man" -- certainly one of the finest tracks he ever recorded.
  12. Body & Soul
    by William Onyeabor
    Body & Soul Body & Soul
    A relatively early album in the Onyeabor trajectory. Similar to the 2 that came before, but with a stronger sense of groove guaranteed to more readily move your Body / Soul. Most Onyeabor records have at least one killer cut, & on this one it's probably the title track -- though I'm partial to the sincere spirituality of "I Believe in God" as well.
  13. Great Lover
    by William Onyeabor
    Love Is Blind Love Is Blind
    Coming after "Body & Soul", this album felt like a bit of a departure to me. The vibe of it was my favorite for a while of the ones I'd known so far. No monster jams on this one like some others, but it's an above-average platter nonetheless with a bit of an adventurous feeling.
  14. Crashes In Love (2nd Version)
    by William Onyeabor
    Ride On Baby Ride On Baby
    After purchasing this I own the entire discography now. I don't know the story why there are two versions of this LP, but this reworked version is great. The most blistering funk in his entire corpus. The second half of Onyeabor's career is not to be messed with.
  15. Hypertension
    by William Onyeabor
    Hypertension Hypertension
    My favorite phase of his career now that I've listened to everything. I noticed when I listened to "Great Lover" his sound seemed to be shifting & the funkiness comes in full bloom in this follow-up, Onyeabor's most far-out LP. It's electrifying. The sounds on this record are incredibly joyous. The title track is a gourd-blower.
  16. Good Name
    by William Onyeabor
    Good Name Good Name
    This is a very short LP, but when the title track is such a monster who cares? One of Onyeabor's best songs. Side B is a monster too. This release is also blessed with the funkiest artwork in his canon. Iconic.
  17. Anything You Sow
    by William Onyeabor
    When The Going Is Smooth And Good When The Going Is Smooth And Good
    Onyeabor's final album. "When The Going Is Smooth And Good" is an absolute monster that electrified my brain the first time I heard it. Onyeabor brings a different approach to these tracks than the early material, such as with the heavy use of the drum machine. Frequent themes in his music like pacifism & religiosity surface once again in the lyrics on this album.
  18. Moments
    by Michael Vincent Waller
    Return from L.A. - II Return from L.A. - II
    Becoming a huge fan of this label. This is beautiful contemporary classical.
  19. Pulse Demon (Remaster Reissue)
    by Merzbow
    Remaster sounds great.
  20. fake meat
    by galen tipton
    tender tender
    This is the soundtrack of me edging reality. I don't call it being an edgelord anymore (too much bad juju), I call it being a reality savant. What a great album. ADHD overload even for me.
  21. Mother Earth's Plantasia
    by Mort Garson
    Music to Soothe the Savage Snake Plant Music to Soothe the Savage Snake Plant
    The liner notes acknowledge that the Legend of Zelda games plagiarized a melody from this album but they got the game wrong. I could have corrected this. Gen Z seems to love this one, but I was hip to this oldie a long time ago. I wish they would just acknowledge this.
  22. Batsumi
    by Batsumi
    Anishilabi Anishilabi
    A great album that didn't truly open up to me until I heard the vinyl. Excellent spiritual jazz. A holy album. Incredible that music made under such circumstances could have such a healing vibe.
  23. Baroo
    by Carl Stone
    Panchita Panchita
    Carl Stone is a master. The tracks match the album cover & are highly hallucinatory. Each one is distinct too, & very different from what I've heard of his earlier work. Nothing jams harder than the closing track "Panchita" though. I must've listened to it over 50 times.
  24. Himalaya
    by Carl Stone
    Bia Bia Bia Bia
    Side A is better to me than most of "Baroo", & the whole album sounds closer to some mutant version of "contemporary classical" than that one. Side B is a sidelong slowly-evolving composition in the classic Carl Stone style, followed by two more sidelong compositions on Sides C & D, this time featuring voice. The second platter in particular is beautiful.
  25. Love and Peace
    by Girma Yifrashewa
    Chewata Chewata
    Several gorgeous piano-driven LPs in the Unseen Worlds catalog, but this one immediately sucked me in. This is beautiful. The tracks cover a wide range of moods. This music is some of the best of its kind I've heard in a long time. Close listening reveals a suprising complexity to each track.
  26. Pale Bloom
    by Sarah Davachi
    Perfumes III Perfumes III
    Wow. This is an incredibly beautiful release. IMHO, this album is the best introduction to this artist's work. If you're not hip to the Davachi what are you even doing? Sarah is #trending
  27. The Expanding Universe
    by Laurie Spiegel
    Patchwork Patchwork
    "Patchwork" electrified my mind, & will always be the standout for me. But it's only one piece of the puzzle, & even within it you can hear the subtleties that come to the forefront in the more subdued tracks. These are highly rich, varied compositions, but not for the hyperactive. The title track on Side B is a colossal ambient exploration into the farthest reaches of, well... the expanding universe.
  28. Trans-Millenia Music
    by Pauline Anna Strom
    A compilation of ethereal tracks that serve not only as great new age music, but great electronic. There's a whole lot of music here & it traverses vast terrain to the fringes of inner space; you could get lost. Side D gets adventurous. Finally, the packaging of the LPs themselves is beautiful.
    by Koeosaeme
    Azimuth Azimuth
    I've got one word for you, & that's: VISIONARY. Everything about it. Every track. And of course the art adorning it is freakin' insane. My favorite release of the summer. Monumental stuff.
  30. I.C.
    by CVN
    成分 feat. NTsKi 成分 feat. NTsKi
    Hip & futuristic, veering into experimental soundscapes at times without always losing the beat to propel it all forward, though there are some moments of semi-quiet reflection. Several moods are visited in this record. Unrelentingly interesting.
  31. Out of the Blue
    by "Blue" Gene Tyranny
    Next Time Might Be Your Time Next Time Might Be Your Time
    One of the most beautiful LPs I've ever heard, & this is no hyperbole. Side A jams harder than two prog knots tangled together & Side B is a phenomenal & breathtaking spoken-word closer. I rarely use the word "perfect" to describe an album, but this is it, chief.
  32. With Love...From Me To You
    by Todd
    Before It's Too Late Before It's Too Late
    OMG. Definitely a Holy Grail of "outsider" LPs... & they're giving it away for a song (or 10 songs, ha!). This record rules. It travels from the depths of existential angst to the heights of religious joy, & the songwriting is brilliant, or else nobody at all would know about something like this. Love it.
  33. Twisted Crystal
    by Guerilla Toss
    Jesus Rabbit Jesus Rabbit
    At the time it came out this was Guerilla Toss's best LP yet. I wish I was a jam band guy, but I prefer punk too much. Guerilla Toss fills that void perfectly. With every album they've grown by leaps & bounds.
  34. Interventions
    by Horse Lords
    Truthers Truthers
    Bristling arcs of electricity channeled into grooves. Horse Lords make avant-garde ideas incredibly exciting. My brain melted the first time I heard this. Hands down, my favorite record of 2016 so far.
  35. Like a Baby
    by Jerry Paper
    Commercial Break Commercial Break
    Mr. Paper's best yet. So smooth! He seems to be #trending in the faraway world of Gen Z but I wouldn't know anything about that. The album art is INCREDIBLE.
  36. An Exploded View of Time
    by Andrew Bernstein
    Vesica Piscis Vesica Piscis
    My favorite album of 2018, & a high water mark for Hausu Mountain on vinyl. An unreal level of skill & talent on display here. Fits in with my other records of "modern classical" & is a standout.
  37. Riddles
    by Ed Schrader's Music Beat
    Dunce Dunce
    The best Ed Schrader album yet. The opening track is especially a jam. The album art rules. The production is great. Really solid album.
  38. Triad
    by Triad God
    Babe Don't Go Babe Don't Go
    So post-modern... the production is interesting, as well as the way the lyrics (which I can't understand) bleed into it. Rapping is a lifestyle...
  39. Ocean Of Love
    by Panduranga Henderson
    Hari Namaste Hari Namaste
    I like this just as much as the Alice Coltrane material, sue me. In fact I might even like it better. I think this is a great album. TBH tho -- David Byrne needs to not use the word "interweb"
  40. Organic Dream
    by Wendell Harrison
    Love Juice Love Juice
    Sought this out b/c it's the very 1st entry in John "Inzane" Olson's book of record reviews. REALLY dig the album cover. I'm not usually into jazz, but this is way, way weirder than jazz. "Love Juice" is from another dimension.
  41. Prune City
    by Sharkula x Mukqs
    Wipe Your Booty With a Bandana Wipe Your Booty With a Bandana
    One of Hausu Mountain's crowning achievements. The material from Mukqs is the raddest I've ever heard from him, & the lyrics from Sharkula / Brian (what star power!) grow greatly on me with each listen. Truly, two legends meet. Utterly essential purchase.
  42. Macula Dog
    by Macula Dog
    Wrong Phone Wrong Phone
    It's like the Residents performing covers of Oh, No!-era Devo inside the universe of Pee Wee's Playhouse. If that doesn't get your blood pumping, I don't know what to do for you.
  43. Natural Dog EP
    by Macula Dog
    All Hat & No Cattle All Hat & No Cattle
    IT'S A DOG'S WORLD!!! Time passed &, like everyone, they just got uglier. I thought I nailed 'em w/ my impression of the first tape but they just squirmed away.
  44. Deep Thoughts
    by Giant Claw
    Deep Thoughts 009 Deep Thoughts 009
    A deeply encoded transmission meant primarily for androids, not humans. Disgustingly slick; clinical instead of erotic; subversive. This album... *takes hit, narrows eyes, focuses meaningfully on something far-away and coughs* is like if Van Gogh programmed the song that plays when you press the "DEMO" button on a cheap keyboard. One of my favorite albums in a long time.
  45. Metalepsis
    by Eartheater
    Infinity Infinity
    I like this tape more than its sequel (which really is arguably superior) because my taste is at the "advanced genius" level and seems bad. It feels more like a "tape" to me -- the kind of amazing weird treasure that only cassettes can offer. Like viewing a vast endless expanse of alien flora.