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  1. Fight! Fight! Fight!
    by Two Fingers
    LALA Rhythm LALA Rhythm
    Straight up I might not ever buy another Two Fingers album but I bought this for a reason. The beats that alternate between chunky and jabby is a great contrast.
  2. Shibuya Meltdown
    by MACROSS 82-99
    F.I.L.A F.I.L.A
    Macross 82-99 goes CLUBBING! Dude I dig this more aggressive take on the typical Macross fare. Straight up one of my favorite albums from him along with A Million Miles Away.
  3. Metro City (Deluxe Edition)
    by VANTAGE
    Snow Jam Snow Jam
    I'm not much into future funk nowadays but I can vibe pretty well with this album. Unlike its contemporaries, the tracks here are pretty clean and almost poppy. Nice.
    by Street Fever
    Mirar (Feat. Dave Parley) Mirar (Feat. Dave Parley)
    "Now That's What I Call Cyberpunk Nightclub!" I mean damn. The energy in this is off the charts, great stuff. Was a bit wary of alll the featuring tracks but it's (almost) all good.
  5. Shader Complete
    by Sacred Tapestry
    Spirited Child Spirited Child
    Vektroid goes spoooooky! Loving the silent hill vibes we got going here. I think this album is more illustrative than other Vektroid works and that's real cool.
  6. Updated Floral Experience
    by MACマイナス
    天文学 天文学
    This album manages to skirt the line between being a tribute and being derivative. In many ways it lives up to the goal of being "Floral Shoppe, but MORE!"
  7. L8 NITE TV
    by Crystal Cola
    10:30 PM 「CROSSTALK」(Feat. A.L.I.S.O.N) 10:30 PM 「CROSSTALK」(Feat. A.L.I.S.O.N)
    Crystal Cola is so summer it hurts. We could all use a bit more summer in our lives, I think.
  8. Shovel Knight - King of Cards OST
    by Jake Kaufman
    The Buzz in the Grotto (Troupple Pond) The Buzz in the Grotto (Troupple Pond)
    Damn, what a way to end the Shovel Knight saga! Among all the OSTs, King of Cards has the most distinct sound. I'm not traditionally a big fan of these baroque-styled melodies, but credit where credit is due, Kaufman commits to the style.
  9. Petscop Soundtrack
    by Rainer
    level2 level2
    I actually don't think this album as an artifact alone is particularly good. Rather, like others have said, this album is remarkable because of the nature of Petscop, and that's okay!
  10. I Don't Know
    by Juniper Ridge
    This is Juniper Ridge's most honest and revealing song yet and I couldn't be more pleased. I look forward to hearing more. :D
  11. Children of Termina
    by Rozen
    Deku Palace Deku Palace
    Can Rozen do no wrong?! Majora's Mask is my least favorite Zelda game and I still am enamored with this album. Great stuff.
  12. Holograms
    by 骷
    eye eye
    I consider Holograms a natural foil to Skeleton and both are excellent. Holograms is still spooky, but in a strangely inviting way.
  13. Skeleton
    by 骷
    glowing glowing
    I totally dig spooky cryptic music and this delivers in stride. I don't often think "boy, I really want to listen to Skeleton", but I still like listening to this album.
  14. Welcome to the Craft Store!®
    by nofriendsonline
    Suitable for Framing Suitable for Framing
    Vaporwave/mallsoft is inherently nostalgic but this album is extra nostalgic for me considering my mom was a crafts lady.
  15. Hollow Knight Piano Collections
    by David Peacock, Augustine Mayuga Gonzales
    Sealed Vessel Sealed Vessel
    The original compositions of Hollow Knight favor and in many cases outright include piano. It's no surprise that a wholly piano arrangement of the OST is a joy.
  16. kuso - Original Soundtrack Vol. 2
    by James Bennett
    Kid Kid
    The kuso OSTs are both excellent, clean expressions of electronic music, but this is the better of the two.
  17. Keepsake
    by Hatchie
    Without A Blush Without A Blush
    The backing tracks on this album have seen serious improvement since Hatchie's debut, and the tracks have more variety. I'm not sure if there's been much improvement on the vocals, but overall this is a better (and longer!) showing from this artist.
  18. Zorya
    by Floex
    Veronika's Dream Veronika's Dream
    I've not listened to too much Floex outside of Machinarium, but this album floored me. It's so lush and colorful, it's the platonic ideal of lyrical electronic.
  19. UNDERTALE Piano Collections 2
    by David Peacock, Augustine Mayuga Gonzales
    Spider Dance Spider Dance
    Peacock and Gonzales deliver again! Just like the first volume, this album is just delightful, and it's classy enough to be played in front of anyone. Wonderful.
  20. A Short Hike (Original Soundtrack)
    by Mark Sparling
    Hello? Hello?
    The OST is a massive part of why the game is so great. If the game sets the stage, the OST finishes the job in communicating a strong sense of serenity and awareness in nature.