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  1. Mean It
    by Louis cole
    jeesus CHRIST
  2. Demos
    by semi/circle
    Rind Rind
    Kickass music made by kickass people.

    Rind kills with the vocals and deep lyricism, while Chaser knocks you on your ass with its catchy riffs.
    by The Home Conversion
    I Get Weird I Get Weird
    Such a hidden gem of an album and artist. This entire album evokes a mood that I can't possibly describe.
  4. Breaking News
    by Makeup and Vanity Set
    No Survivors No Survivors
  5. You Drive
    by You Drive
    Hold On Hold On
    Jasmin and MAVS is a god-tier combination. I have been listening to this on repeat for the past 2 weeks and I don't think I'm gonna be stopping any time soon.
    by blanknam3d
    @ERO @ERO
    Real interesting, this one. Lots of cool variety between the tracks and shockingly good production. Some of these are real fuckin' jams, while others take the tone in an entirely new direction. Great album to keep you on your toes.
  7. Night Wander
    by dizzylab
    Night Wanderer (cnsouka Remix) Night Wanderer (cnsouka Remix)
  8. Sand & Snow (Deluxe Edition)
    by A Silent Film
    Queen of a Sad Land Queen of a Sad Land
    A Silent Film's Magnum Opus, every single song on here is fantastic.
  9. Freedom Planet Official Soundtrack
    by Woofle and Strife feat. BlueWarrior and Dawn
    Fortune Night 2 Fortune Night 2
  10. Clinically Blasé
    by M.O.O.N.
    Jon F Jon F
    Going from his earliest to his latest, M.O.O.N.'s EPs will take you on an adventure, and Clinically Blasé is the perfect ending.
  11. Grapple Force Rena (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by GalaxyTrail
    Grapple Force Go! (Rena's Theme) Grapple Force Go! (Rena's Theme)
    Hnnngggg I live for this genesis inspired music.

    So many great tunes on here with each one being catchy in its own way. I seriously cannot get the main theme out of my head, it's so good!
  12. Wanderer
    by Louie Zong
    Come With Me Come With Me
    My absolute favorite album from Louie Zong! Great interplay between the different instruments, and some fantastic sounds from the guitar!
  13. Pixel Galaxy
    by Snail's House
    Pixel Galaxy Pixel Galaxy
  14. the ether
    by Shadrew
    Wake Up! (ft. Piper Olsen) Wake Up! (ft. Piper Olsen)
    Such an awesome album, so unique and different in every way possible. Shadrew really outdid himself here
  15. Syncro (DATA067)
    by Makeup and Vanity Set
    Syncro Syncro
    Catchy as hell

  16. How Much Darker b/w Street Smarts
    by Metavari & Makeup And Vanity Set
    Street Smarts Street Smarts
  17. Little Sound Assembly 2017
    by Little Sound Assembly
    Doll Up Doll Up
    Great variety from every song on here, no low points to be found.
  18. Water
    by Louie Zong
  19. Sunshine Express
    by nanobii
    You Are My World You Are My World
    awesome happy tracks
  20. Dance
    by Louie Zong
    Blank Space (Midnight) Blank Space (Midnight)
    Fantastic covers of great songs. The blend of electronic with guitar is mesmerizing. I especially enjoy both of the Taylor Swift covers.