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  1. S27-X (I)
    by Various Artists
  2. Aesthesis
    by Shapednoise
  3. Corra Linn
    by Lanark Artefax
  4. Andøya
    by Eric Holm
  5. Morvan
    by PGD/MV
  6. Avbvrn Snacks Volume 4
    by Avbvrn
  7. Exhaust
    by Lee Gamble
  8. ΙΧΘΥΣ
    by Syl Kougaï
  9. Lanark Artefax - Phasze (Avbvrn Edit)
    by Avbvrn
  10. Fis x Lanark Artefax - Angels of the Water Temple x Flickering Debris (Avbvrn Simple Blend)
    by Avbvrn
  11. Blossoms
    by Emptyset
  12. Alix En Axtral
    by Nuanae
  13. 7 Directions (UIQLP002)
    by Nkisi
  14. HXE — INDS (UIQ0011)
    by HXE
  15. Hidden Darkness At Their Innermost Layer
    by Valance Drakes + Qebo
  16. The Nightmare Connector (PRSPCTLP017)
    by DJ Hidden
  17. Sutarti
    by Joshua Sabin
  18. Brainstem Compressor / This Cat Is Called Mob
    by GUAN
  19. Dyspnée / Bouquet d'Encre
    by yvanko
  20. Newt Scamander ep
    by Roel Funcken
  21. Mandy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    by Jóhann Jóhannsson
  22. Solens Arc
    by Kangding Ray
  23. Particle Radiation EP
    by Synthakt
    I bought this because I love his Mustache <3 blyat
  24. In Death's Dream Kingdom
    by Various Artists
  25. Neil Cowley & Ben Lukas Boysen - Grains & Motes EP
    by Neil Cowley & Ben Lukas Boysen
  26. Celestite
    by Wolves in the Throne Room
  27. Sort\Lave
    by Richard Devine
  28. Fear in a Handful of Dust
    by Amon Tobin
  29. In A Paraventral Scale
    by Lee Gamble
  30. Ego De Espinhos
    by Gonçalo Penas
  31. Glasz (UIQ0005)
    by Lanark Artefax
  32. Serenade: Remixed
    by mmph
  33. Threads
    by Hoshiko Yamane
  34. Sichten 1
    by Various Artists
  35. Applied Autonomy
    by Robert Lippok
  36. Arikon - The Prophet's Blood Is Boiling
    by Arikon
  37. Elevated Noise
    by Gainstage
  38. six correlations
    by james ginzburg
  39. Calibrate
    by Ricardo Donoso
  40. Mats Erlandsson - Hypodermic Letters
    by Mats Erlandsson
  42. Brame by Ruby My Dear
    by PRSPCT Recordings
  43. Roberto Crippa - SELENIC
    by Roberto Crippa
  44. Drift EP
    by Bliss Signal
  45. Consequences
    by Current Value