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  1. Dear Avalanche
    by Lights & Motion
  2. Weather The Storm
    by Inward Oceans
  3. Dreamer On The Run
    by U137
  4. Geometries And Orchids
    by The Dandelion War
  5. The Edge Of The Light
    by Floating In Space
    Beyond The Stars Beyond The Stars
    Just returned from running some errands when an idiot followed me home-bad mistake...I walked out and he jumped out claiming I had cut him off. One smack on the button n his eyes were watering, blood flowing from his nose n I owned him. Instead of taking a few well placed thumps I grabbed the back of his hair, jerked his head up so he could he hear me n let him know he avoided the ER solely based on 'Beyond the Stars'...he sped off. If he chooses to return there will be no 'stars' to save him.
  6. Dreamlife
    by Carly Comando
    Daydream Daydream
    Not everyday is without pain of some type. This song-the whole LP placates me whether I am mending n healing, reducing the aggression, creating from a actual state of emotional peace- very rare....very enjoyed as this LP keeps me there longer than most.
  7. Wide Awake
    by Christoffer Franzen
    Breathe Breathe
    When the odds are stacked against matter the situation...3 on 1 (always smack the lead guy first) n watch for the blindside weak punch from one of the others; no punch? Smack the biggest n just 'Breathe' as the last dude backs off and helps the first dude w/the bloody nose...n 'Breathe'! No hits/bruised ribs/black eyes/flat just 'Breathe' n head for home.
  8. Paths From Home
    by Inward Oceans
    Amelioration Amelioration
    Idiot behind me seemed to suffer from an erection of his middle digit as he waved it vigorously until we came to a red light whereupon I bailed out and was at his window w/Amelioration playing from my open driver door. A proper kick to his driver's door and a prompt to his passenger to exit n greet me...then the light changed...the music soothed me n I just got back in my truck n took off. No, they didn't wave anymore middle digit salutes either. Amelioration...
  9. Taking Flight
    by Christoffer Franzen
    Be Still Be Still
    No idiots...just Be Still.
  10. The Sleepover Series, Volume Two
    by Hammock
  11. Chasing After Shadows...Living with the Ghosts
    by Hammock
  12. The Sleepover Series, Volume One
    by Hammock
  13. Waterworks
  14. Chronicle
    by Lights & Motion
  15. We Moved Like Ghosts
    by Track A Tiger
  16. See You On The Other Side
    by Athletics
  17. Miniature American Model Society
    by Cari Clara
  18. Things Get Shaky
    by Keystone Kids
  19. Lullaby
    by Athletics
  20. Lost Songs
    by The Appleseed Cast