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  1. Crossbreed Definition Series Part 4 (One Seven Five #018)
    by The Outside Agency, Pythius & The Satan
  2. RUN
    by 10 CLS
  3. Greatest Hit vol. 2 (Basic #008)
    by Ghost in the Machine
  4. Running On Empty
    by Ophidian
  5. Nothing Will Stay
    by Fracture 4
  6. Mutability LP
    by Deathmachine
  7. Swirling
    by Sun Ra Arkestra
  8. Greatest Hit vol. 1 (Basic #007)
    by Ghost in the Machine
  9. Under Siege EP (Basic #006)
    by Ghost in the Machine
  10. Hello Earth (CATID097)
    by Geck-o
  11. The Hardcore Party EP
    by The Outside Agency
  12. Alone in The Meantime
    by The Outside Agency
  13. Screaming phoenix vip
    by The outside agency
  14. The Number One Contender (The Outside Agency Remix)
    by Mokum Records
  15. There Can Be Only None (Genosha #001)
    by The Outside Agency
  16. God, Protect Me from Your Followers (Genosha #004)
    by The Enticer
  17. Goes Noord vs. The Rest of the World (Genosha #002)
    by The Outside Agency
  18. Norwegian Core Definition (Genosha #006)
    by Petrochemical
  19. Stories from the 9th Dimension (Genosha #029)
    by The Outside Agency
  20. Breaking The Seal
    by Ghost In The Machine