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  1. SICK016 - DJ Hidden / The Outside Agency
    by Future Sickness Records
  2. The Opposites / More Primitive (One Seven Five #017)
    by The Outside Agency
    by Current Value
  4. Dead Things EP (PRSPCTXTRM047)
    by Meander
  5. The Nightmare Connector (PRSPCTLP017)
    by DJ Hidden
  6. Drum Coefficient EP (Genosha #028)
    by Deathmachine
  7. Imposter Syndrome EP (Genosha #027)
    by Strange Arrival
  8. Sausage of Unity EP (Genosha Basic #005)
    by Ghost in the Machine
  9. The Legacy of Cain / I Saw My Grave (One Seven Five #016)
    by The Outside Agency
  10. Enzyme X 7891011 (Blackbox)
    by Ophidian
  11. Return of the Silence b/w Church of the Silence (Genosha #026)
    by The Outside Agency & Ophidian
  12. Soul Grind EP Part 1 by Switch Technique
    by PRSPCT Recordings
  13. Gilles Peterson Presents Sun Ra And His Arkestra: To Those Of Earth... And Other Worlds
    by Sun Ra Arkestra
  14. The Solution / Wait Your Turn
    by The Outside Agency
    The Solution The Solution
  15. Future
    by Densha Crisis
    Future Future
  16. Goes Noord vs. The Rest of the World IV (Genosha #025)
    by The Outside Agency
    Belief Systems Belief Systems
  17. One Louder EP
    by Ghost In The Machine
    The Holy Grill The Holy Grill
  18. Hydromedusa E.P.
    by Tapage & Meander
    Kumo Gassen Kumo Gassen
  19. Genosha One Seven Five #015: Today's Tomorrow / The Violence
    by The Outside Agency & Deathmachine
    The Violence The Violence
  20. P [ L ] A Y L I S T
    by DJ Hidden
    Radio Silence Radio Silence