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  1. Lying in Memories - Deluxe Edition
    by Hyrul
    Crazy Diamond Crazy Diamond
  2. 3 A.M. Swing
    by Ohrage
  3. Hallowed Land
    by Miracle Of Sound
  4. Sauvage
    by Lorage
    Château de cartes (Version remasterisée) Château de cartes (Version remasterisée)
  5. Virtue
    A great track that was meant to take you on a journey, and brilliantly succeeds. A pleasure to listen from the beginning to the end, and back.
  6. Avant l'orage
    by Lorage
  7. Du Nord au Sud
    by Lorage
  8. Capricorne
    by Lorage
  9. Château de cartes
    by Lorage
  10. Monologue de sourd
    by Lorage
  11. Hold On
    by David Broaders
    Hold On Hold On
    Hold On is so smooth and soothing. It makes me feel good.
  12. Trivium - The Heart From Your Hate (We Are Magonia Remix)
    by We Are Magonia
  13. Invaders
    by Hollywood Burns
    Scherzo No. 5 in Death Minor Scherzo No. 5 in Death Minor
    It's hard to put words on how glorious this album is. Well, it's glorious. Very much so.
  14. War Dance
    by Thylacine
    by slowski
  16. C:\>COPY *.* A: /V
  17. Escapism
    by cYsmix
    House With Legs House With Legs
    This album was my introduction to cYsmix. I instantly bought all of his music. This is so unique and interesting, the perfect use of modern music making techniques in order to convey stories, without making any compromise on the moving aspect of it!
  18. Ghost Party!
    by cYsmix
  19. Oracle
    by cYsmix
  20. 電子祝祭 -Electro Festival-
    by cYsmix