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  2. Metal
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  1. Festering In Aural Trauma
    by Chasmdweller
  2. Fossilized
    by Chasmdweller
  3. Flesh Crusade
    by Chasmdweller
  4. Enveloping Absurdity
    by Phobophilic
  5. Unburied Corpse
    by Fleshrot
  6. Eternally Bound, Whipped by Time
    by Visions From Beyond
  7. Drawing Down the Darkness
    by Visions From Beyond
  8. Obsidian Cromlech Procreation
    by Iron Flames
  9. Vengeance Horde
    by Vengeance Horde
  10. Eyes of the Megalith
    by Iron Flames
  11. Mortality Salience
    by Psionic Madness
  12. Graverape-Exhuming Decay
    by Caverape Records
  13. Necrotic Ossuary
    by Chasms
  14. Necrotic Ossuary
    by Chasms
  15. Ancestral Blood split with Vesterian - Through the Enchanted Forest of Illusions
    by Ancestral Blood
  16. DEAD BEYOND DEATH (Single)
    by Massacre
  17. The Chaos of Our Lost and Evil Souls
    by Nihil Invocation
  18. Kaiju Daisenso vs. Oxygen Destroyer
    by Kaiju Daisenso
  19. Chasms
  20. Torrential Gore
    by Maimed