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  1. Dayton, Ohio
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. Ausencia
    by A Rose Dying In The Rain
  2. Cartas de Melancol​í​a
    by A Rose Dying In The Rain
  3. Por siempre tú
    by A Rose Dying In The Rain
  4. Anhelo
    by Cora's Heart
  5. Luna and the Light
    by Hircine
  6. Into the Twilight
    by Bán Sidhe Dogs
  7. Prince with a Thousand Enemies
    by Frith
  8. Alliance of Poison Skin and Noble Fur
    by Toad Blood / Unearthly Gasp
  9. Welcome
    by Green Door
  10. Le désespoir utopique
    by Forêt Endormie
  11. The Four Dimensions
    by Snawfuss
  12. Hextapes
    by Lisa Cuthbert
  13. Book V: Earth is to Keep Silence
    by The Golden Bough
  14. Moonlight Over Wallachia
    by Nighthorde
  15. The Culling of Crones
    by Gossamer
  16. The Hexing Jar
    by Gwenwyn
  17. Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit
    by Taurwen
  18. The Rescue
    by Bird Band
  19. Split
    by Bury Them And Keep Quiet / Lust Hag
  20. Tranquilities II: The Air, The Silence, The Vast Array of Emptiness
    by Seder / Galdr