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  1. It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas
    by Polyphia
  2. Loss
    by Pijn
  3. Black Wash
    by Pagan
  4. Rammin' It Home (plus bonus tracks)
    by Hold Your Horse Is
  5. Things That Hurt
    by Cultdreams
  6. Hollow Realm
    by Talons
  7. Robot Works
    by Wintermute
  8. OK #2
    by The Fall of Troy
  9. The Incessant
    by Meat Wave
  10. Riff Hard
    by Thin Lips
  11. Cosmic Thrill Seekers
    by Prince Daddy & the Hyena
  12. Get Fixed
    by Cursive
  13. OK
    by The Fall of Troy
  14. New Topographics
    by Talons
  15. Commemorations
    by Talons
  16. In Nothing We Trust
    by Reuben
  17. Danger Mouth
    by Mutiny On The Bounty
  18. Yes... I Mean, No
    by The Campaign For Real Time
  19. Through A Wall
    by Single Mothers
  20. MMVI – MMIX
    by Meet Me In St Louis
  21. ASIWYFA Live 10 Year Anniversary
    by And So I Watch You From Afar
  22. Young/Mature Me
    by Orchards
  23. Marty McFly
    by Hiding With Girls
  24. Vegas Psalms, Casino Hymns
    by Sparks Lights & Flames
  25. Health
    by Alpha Male Tea Party
  26. Tall Ships EP
    by Tall Ships
  27. Seafoam
    by Kamikaze Girls
  28. Losers/Lovers
    by Orchards
  29. Rooms of the House
    by La Dispute
  30. The Future Is Now EP
    by Toe
  31. One Bullet From Paradise
    by Die So Fluid
  32. Requiem for Romance
    by Night Club
  33. Scary World
    by Night Club
  34. Nest
    by BRUTUS
  35. Aurora
  36. Christmas, It's Not a Biggie
    by Say Sue Me
  37. HyperCut
    by Hardcore Anal Hydrogen
  38. Mercury Fountain
    by The Physics House Band
  40. Back to Earth
  41. Colours
    by VASA
  42. One Hundred Percent Suave
    by Fat Goth
  43. This is Robotcore
    by Down I Go
  44. We Live in Different Countries
    by Down I Go
  45. This is Dinocore
    by Down I Go