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  1. Nocturnal Days
    by Stuart Gray
    Again As It Was Again As It Was
  2. Mollo Rilla
    by Mollo Rilla
    Odyssey Odyssey
    Mollo Rilla sift through stoner rock undercurrents, indulging themselves in the beguiling pull of hypnotic riffing, steady rhythms and seductive croons. A thrilling debut LP that feels like a redeemed promise. Haunting vocals and tripping synths on tracks like "In Dreams", "Ego" or "Odyssey", stomping pacemaker-grooves on "End Times Preacher" or "Pyramids".
    "Flowers" feels like an eerie ballad, a spiritual resurrection of the late Jeff Buckley, a gentle croon calming the restless souls of limbo.
  3. Bloody Diamond
    by Magmakammer
    Acid Delusions Acid Delusions
    Three atmospheric tracks that possess a vintage vibe and the seductive lo-fi grit of Uncle Acid. "With Devilish Lust" and "Bloody Diamond" shine with memorable guitar riffs and a grooving rhythm section. "Acid Delusions" is a beautiful low-key track featuring acoustic guitars, shakers and hypnotic bass lines. Ulrik Jacobsens vocals are as captivating as on "Mindtripper" and seem to lull one into a weary daze, as if to stun prey for the killing blow.
  4. Sheffield's Best Metal Bands Vol. 1
    by Kurokuma
    Deeper Underground Deeper Underground
    Besides undisputable heaviness, Kurokuma's music possesses a twisted form of psychedelia that hits listeners like a dark hallucinogenic wave. Their tracks have a nuanced edge, something that reminds one of the riffian depths of Sleep, which makes sense with them also being herb-drenched ambassadors of the smoke-tribe. Plus, whoever wondered what Jamiroquai's "Deeper Underground" would sound like if it were covered by a sludge metal band, wait no more, Kurokuma got you.
  5. Kharrüb
    by Kooba Tercu
    Boto Boto
    "This record boasts an eclectic range of sonic ingredients, ranging from percussive rhythmics to experimental noise rock excursions to atmospheric psychedelia. I was initiated by the intriguing drone pull of "Maestur" and later swept away by the dynamic rhythmic array of tracks like "Boto", "Cybele" or "Got The Fire". Imagine walking through a lavish jungle forest while having a weird sense of deja-vu, questioning if this is real or just a simulation - this is fitting soundtrack."
  6. RKTKN #3
    by Raketkanon
    "'Lou' sounds like a waltz-like slow dance, starting out dreamy before turning into a Carpenter-esque nightmare. The machine-like pace of 'Harry' entrances with synth leads and locomotive drumming. Closer 'Mido' conjures an eerie farewell, beginning softly before building atmospheric synth-walls worthy of Roy Batty's final moments.. Raketkanon continue to cultivate their already remarkable dynamic range on RKTKN#3."

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  7. The Unblinking Eye
    by BORT
    Everybody Wants To Rule The World Everybody Wants To Rule The World
    "BORT have definitely outgrown their Stoner Rock roots with this EP. They have crossed the desert and arrived in a sprawling forest full of atmospherically occult heavy music. In addition to that they drop the best cover of the year with their brazen rendition of the synth-pop classic "Everybody Wants To Rule The World". They have substantially refined their songcraft and reached a lush sonic highland of Doom Metal."
  8. Legend Master
    by Troll
    The Door The Door
    "Beware! This isn't your average album about dragons or other fantastical creatures, it is a sonic tragedy that conveys powerful emotions through its poetic mysticism, narrated in five intricate acts of reverential Doom Metal. 'Legend Master' builds a hauntingly majestic monument upon the foundations of their acclaimed debut putting the Portland quartet at eye level with veterens like Pallbearer or Khemmis."

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  9. Source Code
    by Moon Goose
    Second Life Second Life
  10. Seiches and Sirens
    by Almost Honest
    Keystone Keystone
  11. Beyond These Mountains
  12. Ocean
    by Monocluster
    Ocean In Our Bones Ocean In Our Bones
  13. Volcano
    by Volcano
    10,000 Screaming Souls 10,000 Screaming Souls
    This volcano erupts in the infectiously grooving form of afro-beat driven psychedelic Rock, an invigorating mix that features artful percussion, colorful stories told by raspy voices and the translucent haze of San Diego’s glorious psych scene.
  14. Droid Intelligence
    by Burn Thee Insects
    Slow Cookin' Slow Cookin'
    "Burn Thee Insects pack the punch and the heaviness of bands like Mars Red Sky or Dozer but also the shaking groove of Torche or Queens of the Stone Age. 'Droid Intelligence‘ has managed to earn a spot in my all time favorites due to the fact that it scratches the same itch as the legendary QOTSA debut, a highly recommended album for everyone who’s into dusty robotic riffing, killer hooks and psychedelic vocals."
  15. Tower
    by Irata
    Tower Tower
    "The title track from Iratas upcoming album is a tasty foretaste of prog-fluenced heavy rock, a roaring track so tight in delivery that its 2:45 runtime leaves nothing unsatisfied, nothing but the craving for more tracks like it. The two previous records were each a step forward in the bands sonic evolution and 'Tower' seems to take a great leap. The Guard is definetely looking forward to the release of the full album."
  16. Embrace the Dark- Seek the Light
    by Syrinx
    Time out of Place Time out of Place
    "A captivating piece of progressively influenced psychedelic heavy metal, a sonic testament like a towering tombstone. Its eight tracks are able to transport a foreboding sense of gloom while staying true to heavy metal, incorporated synthesizers and the spacey guitar sound create vibes reminiscent of prog rock legends like Genesis or Ruphus albeit staying within a crosscurrent of heavy metal."
  17. Death in the Woods digital single
    by Mountain Tamer
    Death in the Woods Death in the Woods
    "An eerie awakening followed by gushing heavy rock, 'Death in the Woods' is a heavily atmospheric track, satisfying your psychedelic needs as well as your heavy-riffed desires. The Crypt is very curious for the upcoming EP of the mighty Mountain Tamer."
  18. WEEDIAN Volume 1
    by Various
    Fat Saturn Fat Saturn
    "A great compendium of songs granting the opportunity to delve into the world of Doom, Sludge, Stoner, Psychedelic and Heavy Rock and Metal. The inclined listener can taste
    through all the different flavors of heavy underground music and witness the power of it firsthand."
  19. Long Replay
    by Poste 942
    Whiskey Whiskey
    "Poste 942 deliver a massive slab of blues-infused Stoner Rock'n'Roll, heavy and laid-back in delivery, with dosages of Punk and even some bagpipes, sounds weird? It isn't, 'Long Replay' is a thrilling Rock'n'Rollercoaster with tracks reminiscent of early Kings of Leon (Whisky), Alice In Chains (Psycho Love Part.II) or ripping it in the vain of NWOBHM (Kill the Princess), a rocking ride that doesn't disappoint."
  20. Marais Juana - Une Ode Cannabique
    by Marécages
    Nauséabong Nauséabong
    "Marécages appear like a lumbering fen-creature out of an ancient marshland, emerging out of the morass with their rabid swamp-doom, wandering the heavy underground, unpredictable in movement, growling and snarling at the listener with freakish fervor."
    by Niggght
    Rudolf Rudolf
    "Envision a grimy alley behind a bar, there creeps a filthy booze-guzzling reindeer next to a trash pile of fucked-up christmas presents, the repulsive smell of his breath enunciating the true spirit of christmas. Niggght creep up on the listener with their sleazy doom-synth-blues, like a rattling cough echoing through the sewer-pipes, like the curious looking puke puddle you left behind at the dive bar, like the disgusting punchline to a filthy joke."
  22. Blood Of The Raven
    by Burn Ritual
    Blood Of The Raven Blood Of The Raven
  23. Awakened From the Tomb
    by Witchers Creed
    Salem (Resurrection) Salem (Resurrection)
    Witchers Creed's debut is a trusty companion for gloomy excursions into the proto-doom void of old. Reminisce about past decades while you walk the musical burial grounds of the 21st century. But be warned! 'Awakened from the Tomb' is a psychedelic acid trip of the heavy kind!
  24. Sorrow Planet
    by Cosmic Riff
    Galaxy Bender Galaxy Bender
  25. The Unwelcome
    by LáGoon
    Wheel Bite Wheel Bite
    "LáGoon have made it their business to fuse the fast and nimble spirit of skateboarding with the lumbering liturgy of Doom and Stoner Rock, a seemingly unlikely synthesis pulled off with the power of the riff, the free spirit of skateboarding culture and an attitude fueled by operating on the fringes of common society."
  26. Turbo City
    by Stunner
    Turbo City Turbo City
    A cassette tape is a fitting way to enjoy the anthemic heavy metal of Stunner. 'Turbo City's thrashing set of metal tracks is the proper soundtrack to a wild weekend bender.
  27. Exclusive Emblem ST
    The Exorcist The Exorcist
  28. Deal Thy Fate
    by Castle
    Red Phantom Red Phantom
    "A headbanging assortment of memorable songs, powerful in both variety and cohesion. The record's striking riffs, howling vocals and skillful musicianship creates a captivating sonic journey through the grimly occult realm of heavy metal. 'Deal Thy Fate' has rightfully earned it's place in the top record selection of Crypt Guard's 2018."
  29. Queen Of Hell II
    by Queen Of Hell
    Ball Drivin' Insane Ball Drivin' Insane
    "Queen of Hell deliver the raw beer-bellied sexiness of hard rock with their new album 'II'. If the groove of 'Ball Drivin' Insane' or 'Queen of My Nitemares' doesn't force you to shake your rusty hips then you should get your pulse checked because you might as well be dead. Sing along and spill your drink on the bride's dress while you stumble around on the dancefloor to these raucous anthems."
  30. EP.5
    by Beastmaker
    Shut Eye Shut Eye
  31. EP.3
    by Beastmaker
    Fire and Brimstone Fire and Brimstone
  32. EP.8
    by Beastmaker
    Night Of The Eagle Night Of The Eagle
  33. KOOK
    by KOOK
    Not Killing Me Not Killing Me
  34. Eclipse
    by The Sonic Dawn
    Forever 1969 Forever 1969
    "The lively guitar pickings and soothing vocals conjure a psychedelic listening experience which is as breezy and free as the flight of a butterfly. The guard is feeling delighted by the sonic statement of 'Eclipse', a psychedelic journey that passes up on stretched out trancelike sections in favor of songcraft and groove. The crypt will be illuminated by 'The Sonic Dawn'."
  35. Never Decide
    by BUS
    Into The Night Into The Night
    " Throughout the record the group manages to create immense hooks in front of a bleak thematic backdrop, all the while sounding strangely familiar yet so unique, speaking volumes without mirroring the great legends, a feat to be applauded. 'Never Decide' is ripe with psychedelic heaviness, delivering a 70s inspired sound paired with a distinctively modern feel."
  36. Grand Rites
    by Dead Quiet
    Disgraced Disgraced
    "'Grand Rites' goes beyond filling the void that the untimely demise of Barn Burner left, it brought us a gloriously atmospheric averment of Doom, Stoner Rock and Heavy Metal, a radiant one hour slab of epic greatness. Tracks like 'Disgraced' and 'Dear Demon' or 'Blood Lovers' are prime examples for Dead Quiets distinguished blend of Heavy Rock. 'Grand Rites' is an essential album of the heavy underground, a roaring LP worthy of being in your collection."
  37. WARISH
    by Warish
    Fight Fight
    "Imagine a banquet of dancing corpses turning into a full-on tomb riot, shaking the very foundations of the crypt to it‘s core. Warish are running with scissors on this 11 minute cemetery brawl."
  38. Tomb Of Doom
    by Tar Pit
    Bruja Bruja
    by The Lumberjack Feedback
    Therapy? Therapy?
    "With the sheer ferocity akin to a stampede 'Therapy?' rolls right over the listener. The stomping rhythmic assault of two drummers slowly aligning your heartbeat to the pulsating force of 'The Lumberjack Feedback'. An instrumental pacemaker fueled by raging riffs. Earthquakes will ripple through the crypt upon the release of 'Mere Mortals'."
  40. The Mechanism
    by Major Kong
    "A low groaning bass line kickstarts 'The Mechanism' with all it's gears and cogwheels. A systematically orchestrated machine with it's purpose shrouded even in it's indecipherable blueprint. One can only bask in the instrumental frenzy that Major Kong display with their apparatus."
  41. 4 Way Split
    by Spaceslug
    Ahtmosphere Ahtmosphere
    "The momentum with which Spaceslug launch 'Ahtmosphere' is reminiscing of a launch into space. A snail's carapace hurled onto it's journey to otherworldly endeavors. Off to populate another faraway exoplanet with their cosmically radiant tunes."
  42. 4 Way Split (one track)
    by Dopelord
    Dopelord - Toledo Dopelord - Toledo
    "With the stoic pace and diligence of an ironsmith Dopelord forge a track like 'Toledo' into existence. A mighty weapon true to it's doom-imbued ancestry. It's keen edge the only thing standing between Dopelord and the night of the living dead."
  43. 4WAY SPLIT
    by Weedpecker
    Rise Above Rise Above
    "Like a low altitude flight through a flourishing canyon suffused by a lush viridian jungle.'Rise Above' is an impeccable example of Weepecker's ability to weave airy psychedelia with high-tonnage riffing without compromising the songcraft itself."
  44. Vol. 6
    by Seer
    Seven Stars, Seven Stones Seven Stars, Seven Stones
    "Step after step you wonder what led you down this path into caverns filled with darkness and the damp stench of moist soil. Like walking through a cathedral built by nature itself, it‘s volume alone humbling your very existence. Seer summon sinister spirits from down below to haunt your soul and their compositions challenge the ulterior motifs of celestial beings. Vol. 6 is sure to haunt the crypt."
  45. II
    by KOOK
    Frequency 8 Frequency 8
    "Like an unrelenting wounded beast moving at a glacial pace. Seemingly overcome and crushed, it's woeful wails piercing the listeners skin. 'KooK II' places the listener in a filthy faraway galaxy filled with twisted monsters and six tracks full of heavy riffs, haunting vocals and tripping rhythms. The album's track titles are a fitting preview for the consecutive madness that is about to unfold."