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  1. Violence Unimagined
    by Cannibal Corpse
  2. Absurdum ad Nauseam
    by Cybernetic Witch Cult
  3. 071GD: Utburd - Story Of Frozen Souls (2021)
    by GrimmDistribution
  4. Horrific Compositions of Decomposition
  5. Owlcrusher
    by Owlcrusher
  6. Ten Ton Slug Live at The Oaks Demo
    by Ten Ton Slug
  7. Brutal Gluttonous Beast EP
    by Ten Ton Slug
  8. 'Blood and Slime' EP
    by Ten Ton Slug
  9. Hunting Ground
    by Ten Ton Slug
  10. Live at the Siege of Limerick: Earrach '17
    by Ten Ton Slug
  11. Worship (EP)
    by Weed Priest
  12. Weed Priest
    by Weed Priest
  13. Astralnaut / Weed Priest Split Single
    by Weed Priest / Astralnaut
  14. Consummate Darkness
    by Weed Priest
  15. Summertime
    by Weed Priest
  16. Uctívání temné zuřivosti
    by Inferno
  17. V návratu pohanství...
    by Inferno
  18. Nikdy nepokřtěni
    by Inferno
  19. Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution)
    by Inferno
  20. Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness
    by Inferno