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  1. Burning Circles In the Sky
    by The Myrrors
  2. Archives Vol. I: Lunar Halo
    by The Myrrors
  3. Curved Entrances
    by Curved Entrances
  4. Curved Entrances
    by Curved Entrances
  5. April is the cruellest month
    by Masayuki Takayanagi New Direction Unit
  6. Kar Yağar
    by Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek
  7. La Contra Ola
    by Various Artists
  8. Sosena Gebre Eyesus
    by Sosena Gebre Eyesus
  9. Wimeanacas Cambodian Band
    by Wimeanacas Cambodian Band
  10. Snaketime: The Music of Moondog
    by Dustin Laurenzi
  11. Live in Krefeld 2014
    by Hayvanlar Alemi
  12. Feng Shui Capital of the World
    by WEEED
  13. You Are The Sky
    by WEEED
  14. Synthesis
    by Planetary Peace
  15. Sky Burials
    by Sky Burials
  16. Traveller
    by Warren Sampson
  17. From The Land Of The Wicked King
    by De Dionyso / Meek / Rico
  18. Parables For The Tenor
    by Gerrit Hatcher
    by Cyril Bondi & d'incise
  20. See Creatures
    by Lisa Cameron & Sandy Ewen
  21. Convulsionaries
    by Brandon Seabrook Trio
  22. Contra/Fact
    by Matthew Lux's Communication Arts Quartet
  23. Hiljaisuus
    by Kuzu
  24. Drolleries
    by Bloor
  25. Houmeissa
    by Hama
  26. Akaline Kidal
    by Ahmed Ag Kaedy
  27. Ilana: The Creator
    by Mdou Moctar
  28. Fayrus
    by Sunn Trio
  29. Live Fish
    by Elkhorn
  30. Immediate
    by D.U.D.S.
  31. Taaritt
    by Mamman Sani
  32. Hali Diallo
    by Tallawit Timbouctou
  33. Viva el rey
    by Mohama Saz
  34. Negro es el Poder
    by Mohama Saz
  35. Viva el rey
    by Mohama Saz
  36. No. 1
    by Etran de L'Aïr
  37. Oyiwane
    by Troupe École Tudu
  38. Manas
    by Manas
  39. Dur Dur of Somalia - Volume 1, Volume 2 & Previously Unreleased Tracks
    by Dur-Dur Band
  40. budding ornithologists are weary of tired analogies
    by milo
  41. Room 25
    by Noname
  42. This
    by WEEED
  43. Elkhorn
    by Elkhorn
  44. Estorat Taghoot
    by Al-Namrood
  45. Astfhl Al Thar
    by Al-Namrood