This is Gate’s music collection on Bandcamp.


  1. Experimental
  1. collection 91
  2. wishlist 1
  3. followers 4
  4. following 56
    by Zarabatana
  2. L'inutile
    by Giovanni di Domenico
  3. An Index of Textures
    by Danny Clay & Matt Atkins
  4. Bistre
    by Anne-F Jacques & Tim Olive
  5. Overlapped Memories
    by Dominique Vaccaro
  6. Free Percussion
    by various artists
    by Cristiano Bocci - Francesco Arrighi - Mara Lepore
  8. Amazonian Traces of Self
    by Yifeat Ziv
  9. Vegetal Negatives
    by Marja Ahti
  10. The Current Inside
    by Marja Ahti
  11. None Of This Will Matter
    by Rapt
  12. Leaving Everything To Be Desired
  13. Gusty
    by Birdspotter
  14. The Age Of Space
    by Joel Gilardini
  15. Know Random Events
    by Dale Lloyd
  16. Migration Parade, Sculpture 1, Frog-Talk
    by Danielle Savage (sound) & Alexandra Goodall (Sculpture)
  17. stoners-stoneuses in the summer
    by Jeunesse Cosmique
  18. Anthology Of Post Industrial Music From Balkan Region
    by Various Artists
  19. Tout Croche Tapes
    by Tout Croche
  20. Demonology In Dante's Inferno
    by Various Artists