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Christophorus Andernatus

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  1. Orgy In Guts
    by RazorRape
  2. Öldöds
    by Öldöds
    6,66% 6,66%
    This is the gold standard for modern patrician tastes.
  3. Aerials (Bonus Track)
    by Amon Amarth
  4. Awakening
    by Scitalis
    Drink The Blood Ov The Serpent Drink The Blood Ov The Serpent
    Always fun to hear locally grown unfiltered Black Metal! Old school, no filler, all killer, bleak and raw, one of few the last decade dedicated to high quality and fresh Black God-be-damned Metal!
  5. These Accursed Garments Refuse To Accommodate The Mighty Strength Of My Dwarven Form
    by Gimli, Son of Glóin
  6. Hateworlds
    by Colosso
  7. Abrasive Peace
    by Colosso
  8. Foregone Semblances
    by Colosso
  9. Obnoxious
    by Colosso
  10. An Army at Dawn
    by Just Before Dawn
  11. Just Before Dawn - Tides of Blood
    by Just Before Dawn
  12. The Aftermath
  13. Precis Innan Gryningen
  14. Ultra Silvam
    by Ultra Silvam
  15. Reeking Gunk of Abhorrence
    by Cryptworm
    Reeking Gunk of Abhorrence Reeking Gunk of Abhorrence
    Absolutely disgusting, thoroughly recommended!
  16. Black Waves
  17. Devil's Blood
    by Aktaion
    March of the Walrus March of the Walrus
    A much more compact and oppressive (which is good, mind you) release than their sophomore The Parade of Nature, with what feels like an extra pinch of metalcore-influences mixed in with more complex songwriting and composition. Looking forward to seeing my Halland-homebois back on the stage in 2021.
  19. Hunter Gatherer
    by Avatar
    A Secret Door A Secret Door
    As if I'm NOT going to grab myself the next vinyl from mah West-coast Best-coast homebois immediately when they release the pre-order; I've been late on the ball before, never again! Avatar is the hottest shit out there, a rising star on the Metal sky!
  20. March!
    by Little V
    Orwell should be referenced in more metal songs nowadays.

    Besides my appreciation of literary references, the song is prime gym-grind material. An absolute beast.