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  1. Surf Club EP (Suicide105)
    by Need For Mirrors
  2. Loxy - Gamma Light
    by Loxy
  3. Experiments In Dub - Chapter II
    by Dubmonger
  4. A Message
    by Artilect
  5. Hannya White | 葵上
    by The Untouchables, Ancestral Voices & Presha, Last Life, Antagonist
  6. Totemz
    by Roho
  7. Mars
    by RuptureLDN
  8. Earth
    by RuptureLDN
  9. Genso Vol.1
    by Various Artists
  10. Digital Remixes EP
    by Function Records Uk
  11. Broken Souls EP
    by Threshold
  12. PAWS004 - Dissect, Sicknote & J Bionic - Celestial - Spirit Remix
    by Dissect, Sicknote & J Bionic
  13. Champa B x Drum Cypha
    by Skeleton Recordings
  14. The Hapax (Free)
    by Gunston
  15. Curved Boundaries (Suicide103)
    by Seba
  16. Discipline (Suicide102)
    by The Invaderz
  17. Scissors EP (Suicide101)
    by SD
  18. Beach Bum / Dred Sound
    by Dom & Roland
  19. Fracas EP
    by Mando
  20. Kiljoy
    by Kiljoy
  21. Response & Pliskin
    by Skeleton Recordings
  22. All About Love - The Invaderz (Spirit Remix)
    by The Invaderz
  23. "Lie Cheat & Steal / You Should Be Ashamed" LP
    by Klute
  24. Everything is Temporary LP
    by Amoss
  25. A Matter Of Time LP
    by Acid Lab
  26. The Fifth Column
    by RuptureLDN
  27. DIS119 - The Fourth Cycle EP
    by Spirit
  28. SECOPS028 - Nobody Knows / Implosion
    by Seba
  29. Will You Still Love Me?
    by Klute
  30. Skeleton XXV Project Volume Four
    by DJ Vapour // Eric Electric // Drum Cypha // Recon & Paragon
  31. Versus Volume Three
    by Paragon/Acid Lab/Transient/Soul Intent
  32. Skeleton XXV Project Volume Four
    by DJ Vapour // Eric Electric // Drum Cypha // Recon & Paragon
  33. SECOPS027 - Remix vol. 2
    by Seba
  34. Untitled MCR / Acid Monday
    by Marcus Intalex & Spirit
  35. Boulevard / Boulevard (Spirit Remix)
    by Hathor
  36. Chimpo- 1996
    by Box N Lock
  37. Cryptograms EP
    by Various Artists
  38. Water Bucket EP
    by Digital
  39. Nomine Sound 004 + 005 LTD bundle
    by Nomine aka Outrage, Digital, Rene La Vice and Nurve (Macabre Unit)
  40. "Tell Me" / "Only U" (Suicide093)
    by Response
  41. The Test E.P. (Suicide092)
    by Flava & Digital
  42. Think / Bounty Killer
    by Spirit
  43. Stalker EP
    by Spirit
    International International
    I really like this track, because its a bona fide classic Spirit heavy weight number....and when that one, and I really mean no one sounds like Spirit!
    But, that can be said of most of his releases....Spirit has his own sound, and luckily for us....its awesome.
  44. Control EP
    by Friske
  45. "Read Between The Lines" LP
    by Klute