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  1. Endless Summer
    by The Midnight
    Endless Summer Endless Summer
    A revelation. A sheer explosion of endless melodic ideas, layered harmonies, and inventive musical textures, mixed with the purest essence of '80s blissful-painful nostalgia, injected straight into the pleasure centre of your brain. The Midnight's talent is a blazing star in the summer sky. Standouts: Endless Summer, Sunset, Daytona, Comeback Kid, Nighthawks. Watch the amazing Youtube music videos set to these tracks (Point Break, Career Opportunities, The Karate Kid).
  2. Horizon93
    by ZΛYΛZ
  3. Monotone
    by Ksmtk
  4. Slow and Easy / Machine Talk
    by H A G H O R R O R
  5. Der Neue Kult
    by H A G H O R R O R
  6. Reborn
    by Ksmtk
  7. You Can Dance
    by Ksmtk
  8. Reborn (feat. Madelyn Darling)
    by Ksmtk
  9. Chronemics
    by Ksmtk
  10. The Bedroom Tapes
    by H A G H O R R O R
  11. Tropical Disaster
    by Ksmtk
  12. Love Theme (feat. Madelyn Darling)
    by H A G H O R R O R
  13. Runaway
    by Night Vision
  14. Explorers
    by The Midnight
  15. Youth
    by The Midnight
  16. Wave
    by The Midnight
  17. Meet Me At The Dance
    by SEPTEMBER 87
  18. Red Eyes
    by Zombie Hyperdrive
  19. Synchronized
    by Turbo Knight
  20. Saved By The Bell
    by Miami Nights 1984