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  1. After Dark - EP
    by the Blackrats
  2. After Dark - EP II
    by the Blackrats
  3. King of Monsters
    by the Blackrats
  4. Shake your Brain
    by the Blackrats
  5. Horrorbilly for Hire
    by the Blackrats
  6. The elder silence.
    by Oldest
  7. The darkest of shadows and the blindness of the servants.
    by Krematorium/Exaltatio Diaboli
  8. Dark Umbrian Folklore.
    by Bestial Hate Crime.
  9. A glimpse into a furthermost dimension
    by Lebensborn / Luciferium
  10. Detrimental fuckery 2003.
    by Vimazerp
  11. Mocking the legacy of INRI
    by Lebensborn
  12. Earth Totem II.
    by A Monumental Black Statue.
  13. Hyperborean Fossils
    by Exaltatio Diaboli
  14. Draugar
    by Galdorcræft
  15. Qui comando io
    by Lebensborn
  16. Earth Totem III
    by A Monumental Black Statue.
  17. The lost tracks II.
    by Vexator Syndicate
  18. Mellom Bakkar Og Berg
    by Fjellheim
  19. Stubborn Anarchists & Satanic Hereticism.
    by A Monumental Black Statue / Bestial Hate Crime.
  20. The Beast within.
    by Vexator Syndicate.