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  1. Junk Drawer #3
    by Schaffer the Darklord
    Slow Bros Slow Bros
    The 3rd in STD's series of Junk Drawer albums is his strongest and most diverse yet. I love hearing one of my favorite musicians experiment with different genres and song styles. Also the continued legacy of excellent Beastie Boys covers never fails to impress. This is a must have mix of awesomeness.
  2. The Adventures of Beef Thompson: Provisional License Exam
    by Beefy
    How Bout U How Bout U
    This album is Beefy personified. He kills it in every track and Tanner4105 is a brilliant as ever. It's a bangin' album from start to finish and a must own for any hip hop fan.
  3. Ride Eternal
    by Eyeshadow 2600 FM
  4. Ren Faire Romance
    by Kate Nyx
    A sweet uke tune for any Rennie
  5. Closing Theme
    by Kate Nyx
    So. Damn. Cute.
  6. Make An Entrance EP
    by Kate Nyx
    The Fire Reveals [The Crucible Theme] The Fire Reveals [The Crucible Theme]
    Haunting and theatrical. Fecking perfectly done.
  7. Clap If You Believe
    by Kate Nyx
    A sweet and somber uke tune that hits me right in the heart.
  8. Fell In Love With A Girl COVER
    by Kate Nyx
    Easily one of the best versions of this song on the web. I like it better than the original tbh.
  9. heroine [DEMO]
    by Kate Nyx
    Kate flexing her killer folk muscles once more. Dark and determined. Fantastic.
  10. Tension Rising
    by Kate Nyx
    Tension Rising Tension Rising
    This instrumental shows Kate's brilliance and love of narrative without a single lyric. Perfection.
  11. Trigger Warning
    by Kate Nyx
    Bluesy rockabilly goodness.
  12. Crying Wolf [Backbreaker Mix]
    by Kate Nyx
    Love the original. Love the remix.
  13. Pretty Girl [A Lullaby]
    by Kate Nyx
    Sweet and beautiful folkie lullaby that sails. Love it.
  14. changeling
    by Kate Nyx
    This beat is so damn infectious. I want this song injected straight into my veins.
  15. Money Talks [Demo]
    by Kate Nyx
    The rock is strong with this one. Perfectly captures old school rock n roll.
  16. Cheap Thrills COVER
    by Kate Nyx
    This cover so well constructed. Kate knows exactly how to bend other works to her fantastical will and make it her own.
  17. Big Gun COVER
    by Kate Nyx
    Kick ass song. Kick ass cover.
  18. Crying Wolf
    by Kate Nyx
    A galloping and melodic ode. Incredible.
  19. Of Lily & Lorelei
    by Kate Nyx
    Strummy folk story. Expertly crafted.
  20. soliloquy
    by Kate Nyx
    Beautiful Dead Beautiful Dead
    I love how grungy and garage this record is. It's so very 2000s and it's glorious.