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  1. The Cypher
    by Xetas
  2. Bridges Go Burn
  3. All In Good Time
    by Eddy Current Suppression Ring
  4. Restless
    by Restless
  5. Southern Grass: The Continuation of Rock'N'Roll Vol.1&2
  6. I'm You
    by Hallelujah The Hills
  7. Blame Confusion
    by Solids
  8. Zen Quality Seed Crystal
  9. Mouth Sounds #2699
  10. Natural Facts
    by Garcia Peoples
  11. A Love That Leads To War
    by Aquarian Blood
  12. Ilana: The Creator
    by Mdou Moctar
  13. Do Re Mi Fa So Cow
    by So Cow
  14. Refractions
    by Bill Baird
  15. Purple Mountains
    by Purple Mountains
  16. An Obelisk
    by Titus Andronicus
  17. I Spent The Winter Writing Songs About Getting Better
    by Proper.
  18. Freaks
    by Frontier Folk Nebraska
  19. No Dados
    by Reese McHenry
  20. The Unseen In Between
    by Steve Gunn
  21. Dogrel
    by Fontaines D.C.
  22. Mother Earth's Plantasia
    by Mort Garson
  23. Unbuilding
    by The Pauses
  24. En Vida
    by Wohl
    by The Rightovers
  26. Never See Snow
    by Flesh Lights
  27. Me Vs. You
    by Herzog
  28. Nel Cuore Di Una Terra Selvaggia
    by Trabants
  29. Victory Is Rated
    by Dark Blue
    by Mozes and the Firstborn
  31. Grow into It
    by Doe
  32. Gloom
    by GHXST
  33. STATE CHAMPION "Send Flowers"
    by State Champion
  34. STATE CHAMPION "Fantasy Error"
    by State Champion
  35. Ghost Forests
    by Meg Baird and Mary Lattimore
  36. Elastic Days
    by J Mascis
  37. Last Building Burning
    by Cloud Nothings
  38. Peaced and Slightly Pulverized
    by David Nance
  39. A Laughing Death in Meatspace
    by TFS
  40. Hearts of Palm
    by idaho
  41. Leisure LP
  42. Pillar of Na
    by Saintseneca
  43. n.w.o.b.h.m
    by gorgeous bully
  44. great blue
    by gorgeous bully
  45. Someday Everything Will Be Fine
    by Spider Bags