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Craig Gonzalez

  1. Detroit, Michigan
  2. Electronic
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  1. ACID SQUARE DANCE "Cassian Jams" (MMX505)
    by Macadam Mambo
  2. Brain Scatter (Wata Igarashi Remix)
    by Mosam Howieson
  3. Dots And Loops [Expanded Edition]
    by Stereolab
  4. Carmaleonte EP
    by Crossing Avenue
  5. Transmagnetic
    by Valentino Mora
  6. Zwischenwelt
    by DB1
  7. Lurka - Stay Let's Together
    by Lurka
  8. Switch Holo
    by Bitstream
  9. Bluetooth Clone
    by 214
  10. Permutation
    by VC-118A
  11. Kıran (Remixes)
    by Konduku
  12. Gegek
    by Konduku
  13. Power Must Change Hands
    by Al Wootton
  14. Liquiddity
    by Aurora Halal
    Eternal Blue (Wata Igarashi Crossing Remix) Eternal Blue (Wata Igarashi Crossing Remix)
    I wish Wata's "Crossing Remix" was called the "Crushing Remix" because that's what it does.
  15. Forest Drive West - They Live Ep
    by Forest Drive West
  16. Flecha De Foga
    by Aroop Roy
  17. Variations
    by Donato Dozzy
  18. Guided Visualization
    by Kiki & the Cosmic Egg with rrao
  19. Regnizer
    by Takaaki Itoh
  20. Composure - Ambient Techno for Japan
    by Various Artists
  21. Vanishing Point
    by Birds of Prey
  22. Libation to Hecate
    by JD Harrington
  23. Toolkit
    by Nuel
  24. Mindless Fullness
    by Donato Dozzy
  25. Oscillate EP
    by Marco Shuttle
  26. Assioma
    by Manent
  27. Isomorphism
    by r²π
  28. Various Artists - Collisioni Sonore Pt.1
    by Korridor - PRG/M - Von Grall - SHLTR
  29. Hallways
    by Bill Converse
  30. Seasick Acid (The Bunker New York 038)
    by Gunnar Haslam
  31. Kioku EP (The Bunker New York 039)
    by Wata Igarashi
  32. Ruhig - Sleeping Oracle Ep
    by Ruhig
  33. Pills & Thrills
    by 4E
  34. JANICE6
    by JANICE
  35. Dementor (Farceb Rework)
    by Irshad Hussein
  36. IonField
    by Mesa
  37. (Bunker 4013) Bunker 4013
    by Star-Kid
    Golden Mountains exclusive
  38. Levitate / Check the Jack (Red)
    by Trent Abbe & Andy Toth
  39. Desfile Funebre De Rosas
    by Reeko
  40. Happening RN
    by Rhyw
  41. North State
    by Leiras
  42. The Bridges I Burn (Reeko Remix)
    by Leiras:Svreca
  43. Naacal (400PPM Remix)
    by Leiras:Svreca
  44. Rings
    by L-R
  45. Dual Layer
    by Ulwhednar