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  1. Bleeder
    by Mutoid Man
  2. Parallels
    by Spylacopa
  3. Variable Speed Drive V2.0
    by CABLE
  4. Jane Doe
    by Converge
  5. Face of Collapse: Special Edition
    by Dazzling Killmen
  6. Wings Of Desire (album)
    by Einstellung
  7. My Father My King
    by Mogwai
  8. Challenger
    by Knut
  9. Everything Is Fire (CD/2xLP)
    by Ulcerate
  10. The End Of Nothing (Special Edition)
    by Rune
  11. Nespithe
  12. F8
    by This Is Menace
  13. Dead Man
    by This Is Menace
    appears in 1 other collection
  14. Totality
    by This Is Menace
  15. Impermanence
    by SEA
    Shrine Shrine
    Varied, but uniformly heavy and melodic - love the blast-beats that occasionally crop up, and the male/female vocals work perfectly. Top work!
  16. Restarter
    by Torche
    Restarter Restarter
    More of that deliciously meaty Torche tone, contrasting beautifully with the defiantly un-metal vocals. Crushingly uplifting ;)
  17. Terminus
    by Snail
    Galaxies' Lament Galaxies' Lament
    What's not to love? Riffs, awesome tone, vocal melody, and universe-straddling power. Every tune firmly stuck in my head already - especially 'Galaxies' Lament' which is simply 2:44 of utter perfection.
  18. All and Nothing (double album)
    by Einstellung
  19. Keelhaul's Triumphant Return to Obscurity
    by Keelhaul
    THC for One THC for One
    Masters of constantly-shifting riffing and complex rhythms, but it never sounds forced and the transitions are always right on the money. Vocals aren't for the sake of it, but the combination of the honest and raw lyrics and the female vocals are strangely wonderful and affecting on 'THC For One'.
    And if the last track doesn't make you feel something, you're probably dead.
  20. Subject To Change Without Notice
    by Keelhaul
    Driver's Bread Driver's Bread
    Been nodding along all day to this! An impressive progression from Keelhaul II - no power sacrificed by the crisper production.