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  1. New Music and Big Pop
    by Another Michael
  2. What A Boost
    by Rozi Plain
  3. New Sentimentality
    by toe
  4. Off Off On
    by This Is The Kit
  5. Comma
    by Monobody
  6. Mahal Kita
    by Hikes
  7. Void
    by Granite Hands
  8. Underwater
    by Elephant Gym
  9. Work
    by Elephant Gym
  10. Raytracing
    by Monobody
  11. Popular Demain
    by Alarmist
    Boston Space Boston Space
    You like jazz? You like math? What about electronic? The beauty of this album is it squishes all these influences together while being completely original in how it portrays all of them. This thing fills your ears with unique soundscapes and vibes for sure. It was so hard to pick a favorite track.
  12. ECO
    by David Maxim Micic
    Satellite (feat. Dan Wieten) Satellite (feat. Dan Wieten)
    This is one of my favorite albums of all time. It is simultaneously progressive metal, electronic, pop, ambient, and who knows what else. There really are no longer any genres when it comes to Mr Micic's music. All there is, is a feeling that is uniquely his own. You have to listen to it to truly understand.
  13. EGO
    by David Maxim Micic
    Devise Devise
    EGO should not be taken as a short EP but as on giant masterwork. EGO is absolutely massive. It's also the perfect companion to ECO, because I feel like they are opposites and the contrast works nicely. I don't want to spoil anything but lets just say it gets wild in here. If you like prog metal, listen to this. It's one of the best slices of prog metal of this decade.
  14. Salt + Charcoal
    by Plini
  15. In Portuguese
    by Hello Ocho
    In Portuguese In Portuguese
    Great psychedelic music that uses a variety of styles and instruments. The best part is that it actually has personality. It's not too caught up in it's own stylistic and compositional choices to forget to have a sense of humor.
  16. At Once
    by The Most
    So It Goes So It Goes
    So much talent was poured into this thing that it blows my mind. It's actually disgusting how good it is. It took me a little while to realize how great it actually was. The mathy, jazzy, and emo elements all perfectly compliment each other. These fellas write so well. It's not just technical to be technical, but each part is genuinely engaging, good music.
  17. Hikes
    by Hikes
    Tenth Walk Tenth Walk
    Hikes is really wonderful. It takes a lot of skill to make technical music also uplifting, catchy and organic. This is some of the best mathy music out there.
  18. Lilt
    by Hikes
    Grandad Grandad
  19. Who Bit the Moon
    by David Maxim Micic
  20. Lanterns
    by Son Lux