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  1. Dusk Incarnate
    by Elay Arson
  2. Voyagers
    by Starfarer
  3. Nightwatch (Remastered)
    by Wraithwalker
  4. Cyclical Self-Abuse
    by Wraithwalker
  5. You Will Never Know (LudoWic Remix)
    by Bill Kiley
  6. Third District (Electric Rescue Remix)
    by LudoWic
  7. Beam of Light
    by CoolAm7
  8. Everything
    by Mike Templar
  9. From The Depths Of Nothing
    by millicow
  10. Twirl
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
  11. Hellscape 2X19
    by Wraithwalker
  12. Missing Pieces
    by Sapphira Vee
  13. Infunkstrial
    by Sapphira Vee
  14. Macabre
    by Cristian Bergagna
  15. The Fourth EP
    by FacexHugger
  16. Megadream
    by Still Life With Cat
  17. Compilation Vol 1
    by Synth Valley Productions
  18. I Looked Into the Eyes of a Cybernetic God
    by Elay Arson
    appears in 1 other collection
  19. Blackest Night
    by Wraithwalker
    Biomechanoid Biomechanoid
    Wraithwalker is gonna have to stop making music or I'm gonna go broke soon. This EP does a lot of things really well; great variety (each song sounds unique), sticks to WW's style while exploring new territory, and is a sheer joy to listen to. Biomechanoid is undistilled darksynth in its purest form, and is perhaps his best song yet. I rate it 4/5 wraiths!
  20. Spellbound
    by Wraithwalker
    Nightwatch Nightwatch
    Many darksynth artists struggle to get their foot in the door or find their niche in a sub-genre that is over-saturated with needless distortion and overly aggressive beats. Wraithwalker displays a strong understanding of darksynth from his first album and, perhaps more importantly, takes risks and explores different types of songs. Overall, it is a phenomenal first album that sounds amazing and is a must in any darksynth collection.
  21. Rebirth
    by Terrordyne
    Survival Survival
    Survival is some very high quality darksynth. It reminds me heavily of Power Glove’s famous Motorcycle Cop and the fact that you can make intense darksynth without smashing your face into your keyboard for 4 minutes.
  22. Completely Mental Volume 1
    by The State of Synth
    Why do I love this album? I mean, it has 58 songs on it. What else do you want from me??
  23. 2087
    by Forerunnerx
    Remember Remember
  24. Ghostbusters
    by Pretty Glass Folk & Friends
  25. Under A Steel Sky
    by Xetrovoid
  26. Nowhere To Run
    by Xetrovoid