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Chris Cox

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  2. Metal
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  1. Wode
    by Wode
    Death's Edifice Death's Edifice
  2. Servants of the Countercosmos
    by Wode
    Crypt of Creation Crypt of Creation
  3. Conduit
    by King Goat
    Conduit Conduit
  4. Earthless
    by Doom:VS
    Earthless Earthless
  5. .- -... ... . -. -.-. .
    by Mesarthim
    .---- .----
  6. Isolate
    by Mesarthim
    Osteopenia Osteopenia
  7. Guardians
    by Saor
    Hearth Hearth
  8. Sleep at the Edge of the Earth
    by Wilderun
    The Garden of Fire The Garden of Fire
  9. Stone's Reach (Vinyl Remaster)
    by Be'lakor
    Side A - Venator / From Scythe to Sceptre Side A - Venator / From Scythe to Sceptre
  10. Griseus
    by Aquilus
    Nihil Nihil
  11. Metachthonia
    by Thrawsunblat
    She Who Names the Stars She Who Names the Stars
    Oh, how I long for Metachthonia! Thrawsunblat hit my sweet spot hard with this album. Nothing evil or nihilistic here. Metachthonia is an ode to all that is beautiful in the world that we left behind in favor of the digital age... and a ferocious drive to get back there, if only for a minute. Listening to this album is like booting up Morrowind, or blowing the dust out of Zelda, or cracking open a great fantasy novel. But to the tune of epic folky black metal. My album of the year so far.
  12. Exercises in futility LP 2015
    by Mgła
    Exercises in futility I Exercises in futility I
  13. Litourgiya
    Yekteniya 1 Yekteniya 1
  14. Anareta
    by Horrendous
    Stillborn Gods Stillborn Gods
    The whole album just feels so alive. Each track is catchy and seductive, with riffs and rhythms that will embed themselves deep in your mind, but still deep and contemplative. Horrendous is becoming synonymous with "brilliant production", and this album sounds *amazing*. The opening riffs of Acolytes showcase what a simple composition plus a living, breathing, dynamic master can do.
  15. Untitled (2015)
    by False
    Hedgecraft Hedgecraft
    The album is raw, overflowing with aggression and shrouded in darkness. It receives the high praise of "trv" from the black metal community, but this alone does not do this album justice. False are every bit as fresh as they are authentic. They have taken inspiration from black metal's growth over the decades, and synthesize the work of giants with a spark of their own passion and unique artistic vision. It's oppressively crushing, overtly violent, and beautiful.
  16. Perdition Of The Sublime
    by Sophicide
    Freedom Of Mind Freedom Of Mind
    This album stands out among tech death, because it remembers that good music takes more than blindingly fast musicianship. These songs go places, and drag you along behind the car in the best possible way. Tech death with dark brutality, great song crafting, and bass tone that won't leave you wondering if the musicians are tone deaf in the lower registers.
  17. Hjørungavågr
    by Utstøtt
    Hjørungavåg Hjørungavåg
    Utstøtt is really onto something with this doomy, epic take on black metal. The song-writing and delivery conveys urgency, contrasted against a background of vast and timeless black metal ambiance. Beautiful, painful, and immersive.
  18. Ecdysis
    by Horrendous
    Titan Titan
    Against a backdrop of over-produced and comically extreme death metal, Horrendous stand out as an authentic, powerful, and talented act. They emphasize songwriting and masterful production over speed and loudness, and the result is a record with real depth---conceptually, emotionally, and aurally. This is top-shelf death metal, and an album I keep coming back to.
  19. Ótta
    by Sólstafir
    Lágnætti Lágnætti
  20. Man's Last Portrait
    by Forlorn Path
    Ghosts Ghosts
  21. Colored Sands
    by Gorguts
    Le Toit Du Monde Le Toit Du Monde
  22. Ethereal EP
    by Deathwhite
    When I (Wasn't) You When I (Wasn't) You
  23. Subsume
    by Cloudkicker
    A weather front was stalled out in the Pacific--like a lonely person, lost in thought, oblivious of time. A weather front was stalled out in the Pacific--like a lonely person, lost in thought, oblivious of time.
  24. The White Goddess
    Enthroned in Clouds and Fire Enthroned in Clouds and Fire
    Just a compelling album through and through. It took a few listens to grow on me, but it really does live up to all the hype. It is epic and well composed. Tracks are filled with strong riffs supporting catchy melodies. The lyrics themselves, whether or not you buy into conspiracies, are deeply unsettling and filled with foreboding. It was really hard to pick a favorite track, but Enthroned in Clouds of Fire is amazing.
  25. Until Fear No Longer Defines Us
    by Ghost Brigade
    In the Woods In the Woods