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  1. Coniferous Myst / The Herbalists / Owlbear / Scrag Split
    by Coniferous Myst, The Herbalists, Owlbear, Scrag
  2. Synthesis of a Tree
    by Pioggia d'Ambra
  3. Rain
    by Tuffo
  4. Healing Powers / Akallabêth / Trueth Split
    by Flood Records
  5. Make Yourself All Honey And the Flies Will Devour You
    by HARAAM
  6. Ever Rot Longifolia
    by Baragwanathiales
  7. The Ambiguity of Nature
    by Plastic Alter
  8. Deadly Chronicles: Assaults From The Land And The Sea, Vol. 2
    by deepseaorganism / Bug Catcher
  9. Kongcorong
    by Kongcorong
  10. We Do Not Belong Here
    by Half Round Bastard
  11. Insectamphibia
    by Bug Catcher / Pseudopaludicola
  12. Di Arborea Provenienza, Di Lignea Fattura
    by Ante Hominem
  13. The Claws of Mother Earth
    by Asleep in the Lake
  14. Hive
    by Enjoyable Music
  15. Virology of Melalcoholia
  16. Spirit Voices Trapped Underneath the Oceans
    by Pioggia d'Ambra
  17. The Storm That Washed It All Away
    by HARAAM
  18. Transatlantic Frogsplash
    by Phyllomedusa
  19. Horisont
    by Nattsvermer
  20. Rot Back Into the Earth
    by Gouger
  21. Fraught With Rescue
    by Ram Ventilation
  22. stasimormoraonda
    by nnaai
  23. Bug Catcher / Шумоизоляция
    by Bug Catcher / Шумоизоляция
  24. Bug Catcher / Hypnagogue
    by Bug Catcher / Hypnagogue
  25. Deadly Chronicles: Assaults From The Land And The Sea, Vol. 3
    by deepseaorganism / Bug Catcher
  26. Hiding Beneath the Waves, in Complete Darkness
    by 𝓞𝓬𝓮𝓪𝓷🌊𝔀𝓪𝓵𝓵, for ◄Deep Sea Explorations►
  27. Unprepared for the Storm
    by Tales About Digits
  28. Umi No Kaiju
    by Warui Yume
  29. The Earth Was Your Sandbox, Not Litterbox
    by noiseoftherose
  30. A Spasso Con Il Coccodrillo
    by Sexy Crocodile For Dinner
  31. The Monster of the Deep
    by N0123NOISE
  32. Slátrun
    by Hvíta Björninn Mataræði
  33. The Green Hostilities (Collected Atrocities)
    by Bug Catcher
  34. Il Branco Sulla Carcassa
    by Ridens Ridens
  35. The Lake Above Us
    by The Lake Above Us
  36. Grüner wirds nicht
    by Problem Anderer Leute
  37. Nature
    by BR
  38. Humid Cave
    by Damien De Coene
  39. Shoaling & Schooling - The More The Better
    by 𝓞𝓬𝓮𝓪𝓷🌊𝔀𝓪𝓵𝓵, for ◄Social Interactions►
  40. Blóð alls staðar
    by Hvíta Björninn Mataræði
  41. マスク - 昆虫
    by バグキャッチャー
  42. Life / Leaf
    by Ecstatically
  43. Metamorphosis
    by Lucanidae
  44. Unseen
    by Hypnagogue
  45. Duskatellum
    by CPTN Uzncwz