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  1. An Eternity Of This
    by Keith Hanlon
  2. Blind Portrait
    by Matt Umland
  3. Frostbiter
    by Saintseneca
  4. Out of Fear
    by Stems
  5. lonely
    by snarls
  6. Out Of Fear
    by Stems
  7. Tonya Harding (in Eb major)
    by Sufjan Stevens
  8. Monday
    by Blanket Boys
  9. burdens (a love song)
    by mick martinez
  10. Happy Life with Food
    by Sweet Teeth
  11. Mississippi Goddam
    by Blacker Face
  12. best friends
    by mick martinez
  13. American Bible
    by This Is My Suitcase
  14. To Hell If I Know
    by This Is My Suitcase
  15. really really big pinecone
    by really big pinecone
  16. unholy empire
    by Bad Heart Bull
  17. Total Atomic Annihilation
    by Ouchihitme
  18. The Wild Of Town
    by Dane Terry
  19. Aimee
    by Aimee
  20. Rickie
    by Rickie