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  1. Call of the Void
    by Ingested
    Mouth of the Abyss Mouth of the Abyss
    This album is every beautiful thing I always knew Ingested could be. This is a fabulous teaser, and the PERFECT progression of their sound. Music to nod your head to, for ABSOLUTE certain.
  2. Reverence To Stone
    by Samothrace
  3. Into The Vortex Of Obscurity
    by Obscure Infinity
  4. Vænir
    by Monolord
  5. Crooked Doors (Deluxe Version)
    by Royal Thunder
  6. Ecliptic Butchery
    by Scorched
  7. Hakmarrja
    by N.K.V.D
  8. Luciferous
    by Enterprise Earth
  9. River Of Lies
    by Guilt Trip
  10. Mordial
    by Car Bomb
  11. Interdimensional Invocations
    by Xoth
  12. Infinite Games
    by The Black Queen
  13. Restoration
    by Amiensus
  14. Nihilism
    by Teethgrinder
  15. Descender
    by Avandra
    Beyond the Threshold: Part 2 – Helios Descends Beyond the Threshold: Part 2 – Helios Descends
    John Mayer does prog: The Album
  16. Tropical Sun
    by Zombi 2 inspired cover artwork by Chris Misanthropic Art and internal artwork by Danny Bellone.
  17. D E A T H W I S H
    by Within Destruction
  18. The Call of the Void
    by Anticosm
  19. Панихида
    by Krzysztof Drabikowski
  20. Melancholy
    by Shadow Of Intent
  21. Chrysaline
    by Josh Garrels
    A Gift A Gift
    The very picture of deep and sacred movements of the spirit. A rare and uncommon gem to emerge from the miasma of those who would claim this standard as their own. Incredibly important music, crafted in a season of great earnest.
  22. Singularity
  23. Inferis
    by Mental Cruelty
  24. Vulvodynia - Mob Justice
    by Lacerated Enemy records
    Reclaim The Crown Part II: Risen From Ash Reclaim The Crown Part II: Risen From Ash
    Solid evolution of the band, and the greater practice of brutal death metal. Plus, they seem like regular dudes, and I find myself visualizing and wishing the best for them as people while I listen to this album. Truly an uncommon experience.
  25. Injury Deepen | Anthropophagous Realm
    by New Standard Elite
  26. Obscene Majesty
    by Devourment
  27. Nocturnal Gates
    by Freedom of Fear
  28. Divided By Darkness
    by Spirit Adrift
    Angel & Abyss Angel & Abyss
    A gentle, yet unmistakably firm dissertation on the metaphysical dualism of mortal Man. An album of urgency-- a proclamation of wisdom, a trial of mortality, and a lamentation for those who fail to integrate themselves with the Whole.
  29. The Grand Descent
    by Fuming Mouth
  30. None Shall Live... The Hymns of Misery
    by Churchburn
  31. Gomorrah
    by Gomorrah
    Frailty Frailty
    Ethereal, atmospheric, and dead. Unmistakable Pacific Northwestern vibes, "Frailty" sounds like a Kodiak Island autumn feels.
  32. Into Endless Night
    by Remete
  33. Only Death Can Save You
    by Beheaded
  34. Infinite Death
    by Thy Art Is Murder
  35. Örvény
    by Perihelion
  36. The Decaying Light
    by Disentomb
  37. Brand New Adult
    by BEA1991
  38. Beacon Light Hereafter
    by Electric Moon
  39. Vol. 6
    by Seer
  40. Out of the Garden
    by Crypt Sermon
  41. Foundations Of Burden
    by Pallbearer
  42. AngelMaker
    by AngelMaker
  43. Map Of Lost Keys
    by Thief
    Desert Djinn Desert Djinn
    One of those rare and precious albums where you stop and look about the corners of your mind furtively-- am I worthy of witnessing a worship so deep and private? As though we have caught the author unaware, in a moment of ecstasy, adoration and (at times) profound vulnerability. The catacombs are alive.
  44. Epistemological Despondency
    by Esoteric
  45. The Pernicious Enigma 2CD Remix/Remaster
    by Esoteric