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  1. Get Well Soon
    by Warren Dunes
  2. Anna Ohio
    by Vita and the Woolf
    Man, this album is a real homerun. Jennifer has created something magical with the melodies on this album. Each track provides something that makes my ears perk up and pay attention. After streaming it non-stop on Spotify for two weeks, it only makes sense to support the artist directly with a purchase. Thanks, Vita and the Woolf, for nailing this one.
  3. Trophy
    by Kate Davis
  4. Shadow Offering
    by Braids
  5. Jump Rope Gazers
    by The Beths
    Could not pre-order this fast enough. Can't wait!
  6. Stand By Me
    by My Terrible Friend
  7. Quarantine Songs
    by Lauren O'Connell
  8. Future Me Hates Me
    by The Beths
  9. Welcome to Warren Dunes
    by Warren Dunes
  10. couch surfer, lover
    by Tara Terra
  11. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
    by The Beths
  12. Future Me Hates Me
    by The Beths
    Little Death Little Death
    This album is my most recent obsession. Liz's vocals with the charming NZ accent, the background vocals, the guitar tone (!), the thoughtful and infinitely interesting melodies and the raw but perfected songs combine to make this an absolutely killer of an album from start to finish. I am EATING this album UP right now. What a gem of a recording.
  13. Let You Fall b/w WYF
    by Summer Cannibals
  14. I Tried to Be Kind
    by My Terrible Friend
  15. Insomnia (Live at DZ Fest 2017)
    by Tara Terra
  16. This Guitars
    by Grandkids
  17. Where's Your Light?
    by Tara Terra
  18. Like The Clothes
    by Tara Terra
  19. II
    by The Courtneys
    Tour Tour
    The Courtneys have such a sweet and amazing sound. I can't quite identify what it is about their music that I find so completely endearing, but I absolutely love it. The combination of fuzzy guitars and driving beats along with Jen's vocals (and a hint of 80's nostalgia) make the Courtneys one of the bands I never tire of and look forward to hearing more from. This album has made the the lengthy wait since their last release worthwhile.
  20. HeartTones
    by Julia Massey and the Five Finger Discount
    Saucepan Saucepan
    Julia and the guys never fail to please. It's been great fun to watch their musical evolution over the past several years and I'm always delighted with what they produce. This album once again combines Julia's whimsical style and fearless vocal talents with unexpected tones and chord changes that make the ears prick up and force you to crank the volume. A fan of tempo and time signature changes? Check out Saucepan for the win!