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  1. Horizonless
    by LOSS
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    Horizonless Horizonless
    Silently and completely overcome by the fact that these gentlemen have actually topped "Despond"...6 years was worth the wait of the absolute rotting misery of "Horizonless." Album of The Year.
  2. Trumpeting Ecstasy
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    Deluminate Deluminate
  3. Blight Upon Martyred Sentience
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    Void Cohesion Void Cohesion
  4. Palace of Worms & Ecferus
    by Palace of Worms & Ecferus
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    The Lost The Lost
  5. Convulsing - Errata
    by Convulsing
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    Descend Beneath Descend Beneath
  6. Scriptures of Grief
    by Gateway
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    I I
  7. Withdrawn
    by Unrest
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    Sow The Flesh Sow The Flesh
  8. Never
    by Withdrawal
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    Tracing Fingers Along Imperfections Tracing Fingers Along Imperfections
    Went by the word of a certain Neill Jameson....was not let down. This album is a dark, brooding rager.
  9. Meditating Through Illusion
    by True Love
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    Prison Prison
  10. Luminiferous Aether
    by Mare Cognitum
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    The First Point Of Aries The First Point Of Aries
  11. Ciphers + Axioms
    by Anatomy of Habit
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    Radiate and Recede Radiate and Recede
  12. RR7349
    by S U R V I V E
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    A.H.B. A.H.B.
  13. The Embodiment of Hate
    by Our Place of Worship is Silence
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    Resplendent Misery Resplendent Misery
  14. Sonoran Depravation
    by Gatecreeper
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    Patriarchal Grip Patriarchal Grip
    It's all about that HM2 Boss guitar pedal-worship. Total caveman music. If you ever get the chance to see them live, do so.
  15. Temple Nightside - The Hecatomb
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
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    Graven Graven
  16. Void Abecedary
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    Astrum Invocat (Preceptor) Astrum Invocat (Preceptor)
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  17. Charnel Passages
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    The Conquered Sun (The Dying Light Beyond Morpheus Realms) The Conquered Sun (The Dying Light Beyond Morpheus Realms)
  18. Abyss of Excruciating Vexes
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    Dillanties Torture Dillanties Torture
    by Hands Of Thieves
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    Wrath Weaver Wrath Weaver
  20. The Ladder
    by Palace of Worms
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    Ephemeral Blues Ephemeral Blues
    This album has a lot of "Into The Pandemonium" and "Gothic" feels to it. Plus some of the sweetest melodies I've heard in a good while. Respect and support!
  21. Luminiferous Aether
    by Mare Cognitum
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    Heliacal Rising Heliacal Rising
    Instantly got goosebumps upon my first listen. Will definitely be going into my top albums of 2016 list. Hails and sapport!
  22. Starspawn
    by Blood Incantation
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    Vitrification of Blood (Part I) Vitrification of Blood (Part I)
    Death Metal album of the year. I really didn't want to take that title away from the newest Howls of Ebb album, but this is so much more focused and clearer as far as direction goes.Plus it has that classic Earache sound to it. Sapport!
  23. Echoes in the Corridor
    by Altar de Fey
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    Demons Demons
    Hands-down on of the best classic-sounding Death Rock albums I've heard since forever.
  24. My Bones Hold a Stillness
    by VRTRA
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    The Cold Suffocating Dark Goes on Forever The Cold Suffocating Dark Goes on Forever
    Sickest fucking demo of 2016. Hails.
  25. Scar Sighted
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    Dawn Vibration Dawn Vibration
    Some men just want to watch the world burn. Hails and sapport to Wrest!