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Cord Saunders

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  1. Asphalt Blues
    by Katkhin
  2. Black Fellflower Stream
    by Sunrise Patriot Motion
  3. Absent
    by Hidden By Ivy
  4. græ
    by Moses Sumney
  5. Covenant
    by Karyn Crisis' Gospel of the Witches
  6. Perform and Surrender
    by Soho Rezanejad
  7. Germe 43
    by Menthüll
  8. Perfume
    by Gossip Cult
  9. Linea Aspera LP II
    by Linea Aspera
    by Frustration
  11. Parallels - LP#2
    by hørd
  12. Bodies - LP#3
    by hørd
  13. Die Notwendigkeit der Notwendigkeit
    by PAAR
  14. If Thine Enemy Hunger
    by Jucifer
  15. Focus On Light
    by H ø R D
    by Crack Cloud
  17. Des fraises en hiver
    by Menthüll
  18. The Forgotten Lost Fragments
    by Camlann
  19. Boy Divine | Blood Ritual
    by Gossip Cult
  20. Cemetery Eyes
    by Gossip Cult